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I am seeking to help a company grow and scale.

WHY Join the UCSF Health Hub Community?

It takes an average of 17 years to bring medical innovation into practice.

We at UCSF Health Hub want to change that.  We are a network of healthcare leaders  committed to accelerating  next-generation healthcare innovation.

If you are a company: Start by creating your own Health Hub Connect profile. Once your profile gets approved, you can complete your brief, highlighting your current advisor requirement. Ensure that your brief is compelling and conveys a sense of urgency, as the UCSF Health Hub Connect Personal Navigator shortlists only 25 briefs each month to match. Once shortlisted, we will combine the power of our proprietary matching algorithm with dedicated UCSF Health Hub member to find the best match for you within two weeks, scanning our database of 2000+ world-class advisors. Your profile remains completely confidential, to be shared only with the identified advisor(s).

If you are an advisor: Create your profile, reflecting your specific interests, experience, and expertise. Once your profile is complete, you'll receive a few potential matches, one at a time, carefully curated by the UCSF Health Hub Personal Navigator. We will only connect you to those projects that you consent to advise.

If it's a match, you can move forward and take advantage of our sample agreements and other ways to engage successfully. It's up to both of you to finalize the terms and the tenure of the relationship. The UCSF Health Hub Connect Personal Navigator will periodically send out tips and status requests to ensure that the connection is working well for both the sides.


Filter by advisor type to see a list of companies that are searching for an advisor with your skillsets. If you come across a company of interest, reach out to me at, to get connected with the company.