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Find and help the best new
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Easily find the best four weeks of upcoming digital health webinars from our partners, collaborators, and the top analyst firms.


UCSF|Health Hub Connect 2021

The #1 matching service in digital health. Now with a Matching Guarantee.

Our time-tested matching algorithms and a dedicated member of the UCSF Health Hub team will work hand-in-hand to find you your ideal advisor, investor, or mentor.

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For Founders: 
100% Help. 0% Equity.

We are a venture capital funded non-profit designed to help companies. We do not take any equity.

Our matching service scans through our massive database to find the highest-quality advisors to assist selected briefs each month, within a set time frame of two weeks.

The powerful matching algorithm at the core of the service is given a human face in the form of our Personal Navigators, who identify the most promising pairings and handhold the connection until it is ready to take off. 

This ensures the success of the connection is as much on us, as it is up to you.


For Advisors:
Make a Match, Go!

We bring you the most exciting healthcare challenges calling out for your advise, making sure the problem interests you before connecting you.

Once you have applied to Health Hub Connect as an advisor, you can create a profile that reflects your skills, expertise, domain knowledge, and describe the kind of projects that interest you. Our matching platform will use this information to identify the best companies in need of your advice. Meanwhile, the Personal Navigator will refine this list to match you to only those companies that suit you best, once you consent.

Once matched, how and what you do is up to you and the founders. Your navigator will check in periodically to ensure that the connection is mutually beneficial.

Do you want to help a company grow?


For Doctors and Researchers:
A Scientific Acceleration Network

Our network boasts of world-renowned healthcare leaders and high-achievers who care passionately about taking action on solutions. 

We connect doctors and researchers with founders and other resources to collaborate and innovate the next generation of healthcare solutions.

As a learning community, we  are here to bring together a group of diverse leaders to share what is working, explore what is on the horizon, and learn from the experts driving transformational change.

Together, we can grow healthcare entrepreneurship on a global scale (and have an awesome time doing it!)


For Investors:
Meet the Next Great Healthcare Innovator

We make it easier to find the next Fitbit, Genentech, or Epic, by reducing the time to pinpoint that needle in the haystack.

UCSF Health Hub is the leading repository of qualified healthcare companies that are seeking investments, sorted by funding stage, size, and solution category.

Once you have applied to Health Hub Connect as an investor, you create an investor page that provides deep insight into your skills, industry expertise and the types of projects your firm is looking for. You will be matched, one by one, privately over email to great pre-selected companies (they've had to qualify too) looking for investors exactly like you. If it's a match, you’ll move forward.

Health Hub takes no equity.

UCSF|Health Hub Connect Member Testimonials

“My Health Hub Connect profile matched me with a top researcher at UCSF that I otherwise would have never met. Dr. Adam Ferguson was exactly the kind of PI I wanted to meet to continue scaling our product."
- Richard Hanbury,
CEO Sana Health
“I joined as a UCSF Navigator because I am passionate about sharing the lessons from our research with the digital health community to help founders promote health for all. UCSF Health Hub enables me to engage with the broader digital health community.”
– Urmimala Sakar, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Director, UCSF
“UCSF Health Hub connects me with talented entrepreneurs, organizes valuable networking opportunities, and hosts stimulating speakers who explore the future of health and medicine. This is invaluable to me in my role as a startup advisor, angel investor, and physician at UCSF. I recently accepted the position of Medical Director at Scanwell Health, a Y Combinator company, highlighting the possibilities enabled by UCSF Health Hub.”
“UCSF Health Hub connects me with talented entrepreneurs, organizes valuable networking opportunities, and hosts stimulating speakers who explore the future of health and medicine.”
– Jack Jeng, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer, Scanwell
"While networking at a UCSF Health Hub event, we met our new Director of Finance, Kirk McAfee, and within 10 days there was money in the door. I cannot stress enough how powerful the Health Hub community is and how glad I am they’re providing this service."
– Julia Fry,
Founder & CEO, Puretergent
Robert Wachter
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Medicine, UCSF
Cameron Sepah
EIR/Investor at Trinity Ventures. Psychiatry Professor, UCSF Medical School
Dena Bravata M.D., M.S.
 Healthcare Entrepreneur & Advisor
Ty Vachon, M.D.
Imaging Informaticist and Medical Imaging Domain Expert
Anthony Luke
Director Primary Care Sports Medicine, UCSF
Jack Jeng
MD/MBA passionate about the intersection of healthcare and technology
Lucia Mokres
Biotechnology Entrepreneurial Consultant
Jeanette McCarthy
Founder, Precision Medicine Advisors
Reena Jadhav
Founder HealthBootcamps,
Investor, Advisor
Nick Friedman
Product Strategy | Product Marketing | Advisor and Consultant | Former Googler
Robert Chang
Digital Health Advisor and Evangelist
Lisa Carmel
Senior Strategy l Business Development Executive
Kristian Ranta
Founder & CEO, Meru Health
Lisa Diamond
Co-founder & CEO Pinpoint Science
Osh. Agabi
Founder & CEO, Koniku
Mubhij Ahmad
Co-founder & CEO, DNALite Therapeutics
Karim Gahlil
Founder, Mendel Health
Steven Chen
Founder & CEO Scanwell Health
Shubhra Jain, MD, MBA
Investor, Cota Capital
Rachel Star
Investor, Shasta Ventures
Jeffrey Low, M.D
Partner, Bio Fund at Andreessen Horowitz
David Fox
Impact Investor & Advisor
Camille Samuels
Partner at Venrock
Neil Devani
Investor Singularity Holdings VC



Have you received a grant or raised first capital? Or are you looking for validation, or wanting more sales?


Are you either a former or current member of a successful team OR are you world-class and at the top of your game?


Are you conducting groundbreaking research and are you published and peer reviewed? 


Are you an accredited investor and have you invested in healthcare before?  


UCSF|Health Hub Events

UCSF Health Hub organizes high-end curated events and intimate conversations for community members. Join us to receive invites to our series of fireside chats, networking events, summits, and expert panel discussions.

Monthly Fireside Chats

Monthly fireside chats with the biggest healthcare innovators in Silicon Valley (past speakers included Vinod Khosla and other stalwarts). More info here.

Healthcare Summits & Conferences

Healthcare Summits with the biggest industry luminaries as speakers & presenters, in association with 20 leading national healthcare innovators. More info here.

Expert Keynotes & Panel discussions

Curated events with industry stalwarts, both virtual and in-person at at UCSF's Mission Bay campus. View previous event recordings here.

Co-hosted events with partners

We are partnering with NASDAQ, the World Economic Forum, Vator Health, DOCSF, Bootstrap Labs, and over 15 internal departments around UCSF. Find out more here.

UCSF Volunteer Patriots Program

UCSF Volunteer Patriots Program is a sub initiative within UCSF Health Hub Connect to match companies working on legitimate COVID mitigating projects to the help they need to bring their solutions to market faster.


FOR OuR Innovation Partners

UCSF Health Hub Connect is the most important resource you can offer to your companies to help their achieve their milestones.

UCSF | Health Hub partners with the biggest healthcare accelerators, innovation hubs, and growth studios across the country to help the companies in their current and past cohorts scale and grow faster. These companies, and their briefs, get precedence, as they have been validated by our collaborators. 

We also work closely with all the innovation organizations across the UCSF campus.

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