The first online medical practice for hypothyroidism

Guillaume Cohen-Skalli

Problem Tech Solves

30M Americans struggle with hypothyroidism, a chronic condition in which an underactive thyroid brings a myriad of symptoms to all systems of the body. Despite the prevalence and impact of the condition, dissatisfaction among patients is very high due to a confluence of factors around quality and convenience of care. Many geographies are lacking access to endocrinologists, a speciality which in and of itself has an average wait time of 37 days–leading millions of Americans to depend on primary care physicians ill-equipped to make highly specialized and personalized clinical judgments. As a result, patients’ root causes are unaddressed, concerns are unheard, and symptoms unresolved. Beyond treatment, management of the condition can be cumbersome and arduous–requiring multiple blood tests a year, and months-long titration periods for finding a suitable medication option. Paloma makes it simple and affordable to get personalized and expert thyroid treatment–all from the comfort of home. Delivered by expert, caring doctors and nutritionists, we combine evidence-based treatment approaches with the latest technology to deliver the best thyroid care available.

Tech Brief

At Paloma Health, we are building more than an online medical practice for hypothyroidism, we are building an end-to-end hypothyroid solution enabled by technology to offer patients a higher standard of convenience and quality. We often group our technology into 3 different components: E-commerce: We sell at home kits and vitamin supplements Services: We provide telehealth consultations with nutritionists and thyroid specialists Behavioral health: We are building a mobile app to help our patients go through lifestyle changes to help them feel better. Paloma is introducing hypothyroid patients to lifestyle interventions around sleep, stress, and diet, to calm the body’s autoimmune response that underlies hypothyroidism.

Tech Differentiators

Paloma Health is the only end-to-end online medical practice focused only on hypothyroidism. Our focus enables better and more complete care. Our scope sets us apart from other digital health players because we specialize deeply into a unique and prevalent condition that requires personalized care. This personalized and holistic approach–whether it is our test that includes more biomarkers than most or that our doctors are leading experts on hypothyroidism–sets us apart in the mind of consumers and in the results that they achieve. On the product side, these different layers of technology intersect: Paloma doctors can review the labs from the kits, patients can monitor their lifestyle changes with the Paloma kits and mobile app, and interact with our exclusive patient community. This focus on hypothyroidism helps us guide patients through their hypothyroid care so that they can stay on top of their health.


We have received over 1,100 verified reviews from patients after using the kit or seeing our doctors, with an average satisfaction rating of 9.2/10. A review from a patient that encapsulates feedback we get on our doctors: “Dr. C is by far the best thyroid doctor I’ve had since I was diagnosed 7 years ago. I’ve probably seen over 10 doctors at this point who never had anything new to say other than take 1 pill and test 2 markers. Dr. C looks at Hashimoto’s and how it affects the whole body, not just the thyroid. He has been incredibly supportive of an integrative program I did and offered insights and perspectives to ensure I felt equipped to make my own decisions about my health.” On the kit: “I would recommend this kit to anyone, family, friends, etc. The kit is complete with everything you need to perform the test, detailed instructions and an addressed, postage paid mailer to return the kit. It doesn't get any easier.”

Why Us

By taking a deeply specialized approach on a condition that plays an outsized role in our population, Paloma Health is able to radically improve care for 30M Americans. Our specialization sets us apart in providing true value to the patient and broader healthcare system.

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