Awarding a Wilson Sonsini Rising Star and a Best in Class
in 11 Digital Health categories in two tracks

  1. Companies submitting under the Wilson Sonsini Rising Star track should meet the following criteria: 
  2. - Team currently less than 50 employees or FTEs
  3. - Founded in past five years (2017 or later)
  4. - Product is in market or market trials (FDA approval, but not a requirement)
  5. - Have referenceable customers (have customers’ quotes or video testimonials is recommended) 
  6. - Currently or is projecting minimum of $1 million sales or ARR by the end of 2022
  7. - Capitals raised to date:  < $50 million
  8. **Each company can only submit one entry in the best-fit category.
  1. Companies submitting under the Best In Class track should meet the following criteria: 
    - Must have at least one in-market solution and can demonstrate significant growth, solid traction, and existing customers.
  1. - Number of employees is greater than 50 employees or FTEs
  2. - Capitals raised to date: post series A with capitals raised > $20 million (Around the mean US Series A in 2021)
  3. **While companies are encouraged to submit only one entry in the best-fit category, a maximum of two entries will be considered if there are multiple distinctive product lines. A company can only reach the finalist round in one category.
Consumer Prevention
Presented by Eli Lilly
Reimbursable preventive care solution that is proven to effectively help individuals keep diseases at bay by personalizing health screenings and care recommendations.

2019 Winner: Butterfly

2020 Winner: Dexcom

2021 Winner: Podimetrics

Consumer Wellness
Rising Star Track Championed Bling Capital
The best consumer wellness technology to empower consumers to take control and improve their wellness and health and lower healthcare costs over time.

2019 Winner: Butterfly

2020 Winner: Oura

2021 Winner: Earlens Direct Contact Hearing Solution

Employer Prevention & Wellness
Best in Class Track Championed by Astellas Rx+
Digital health product or solution targeted at employers to help enhance the well-being of their teams and effectively allocate financial and health resources.

2019 Winner: Sword Health

2020 Winner: Grand Rounds

2021 Winner: Omada Health

Clinical Diagnostic Tool or Platform (formerly Hospital Diagnostics) 
A digital diagnostic technology for point-of-care monitoring that can significantly improve decision-making in the clinical setting. This technology can not be used outside of care facilities or administered by patients themselves

2019 Winners: Nanowear (Cardio) and Flatiron (Cancer)

2020 Winner: Eko

2021 Winner: Zeto - The Future of Brain Monitoring

Mental & Behavioral Health
Rising Star Track Championed by NEA
Digital health solution targeted to address or improve mental or behavioral health & wellness, based on ease of access to care, clinical validation, proven outcomes, and privacy and security solutions

2019 Winners: Meru Health (Mental) and Sana (Behavioral)

2020 Winner: Ginger

2021 Winner: Cityblock Health: Care built on trust

New EHR Innovation
Digital health product or solution that is revolutionizing clinical workflow, addressing scalability, enabling reliable and secure connections and data sharing, and enhancing health systems' revenue cycle.

2019 Winners: Luma Health (Patient Engagement) and Qventus (Interoperability)

2020 Winner: Human API

2021 Winner: 1upHealth

New Health Application of AI
Rising Star Track Championed by
Khosla Ventures
Best in Class Track Championed by Global Health Impact Fund
New application of artificial intelligence that is utilized in any phase of care delivery that is reliable, drives cost-efficiency, and quality of care.

2019 Winner: Livongo

2020 Winner: Viz.ai

2021 Winner: Aidoc

New Telehealth Innovation (formerly New Application in Telehealth)
Rising Star Track Championed by
Hike Ventures
Telehealth platform that has reduced barriers to accessing healthcare resources and scores high on quality, safety, EHR integrations, and cost.

2019 Winner: Dr on Demand

2020 Winner: GoodRx

2021 Winner: Amwell

Patient Cost Savings
Rising Star Track Championed by
Jackson Square Ventures
Best in Class Track Championed by B Capital Group
The best solution that has a profound impact on improving affordability, access to healthcare, and empowers providers to make the best treatment recommendations for patients.

2019 Winner: Grand Rounds

2020 Winner: Advocatia Solutions

2021 Winner: Innovaccer Inc.

Remote Diagnostic Tool or Device
The best remote solution for diagnosing and monitoring patients with health concerns or illness to improve their quality of life as well as help healthcare providers better monitor their patients outside of clinical settings.

2019 Winner: Alive Cor

2020 Winner: Conversa

2021 Winner: iRhythm Technologies, Inc.

Hall of Fame
Rising Star Track Championed by
DNA Capital
Best in Class Track Championed by Mayfield
Awarded to three groundbreaking digital health founders that have made substantial contributions in the field of healthcare innovation.

2019 Winners: Anne Wojcicki (23 and Me), Sean Duffy (Omada) and Glen Tullman (Livingo)

2020 Winners: Roy Schoenberg (President & CEO, Amwell), Rajeev Singh (CEO, Accolade) and Doug Hirsch & Trevor Bezdek (CEOs, GoodRx)

2021 Winner: Iyah Romm (Cityblock), Julia Hu (Lark) and Deborah Kilpatrick (Evidation)