Next-gen, no code clinical decision support delivering highly usable user experiences on mobile/web and integrates into the EHR.

Yair Saperstein

Problem Tech Solves

Since late 2018, avoMD has striven to tackle medicine’s “knowledge challenge” – while researchers have made tremendous strides in developing new treatments and therapeutics, clinicians struggle to keep up with the exponential growth of medical information and adopt the latest standard of care for their patients. Compounding this growth is the inaccessibility of medical information - the latest standards of care are typically delivered to clinicians via unwieldy, 100+ PDF documents or static HTML pages. This "knowledge challenge" makes it nearly impossible for clinicians to access and stay abreast of best practices. For hospitals, these challenges have contributed to medical errors and billions of dollars of avoidable costs and lost revenue. For clinicians, the problem manifests itself in burnout and workflow inefficiencies.

Tech Brief

Hospitals and large provider organizations use avoMD’s no-code clinical decision platform to instantly digitize their local, evidence-based guidelines and algorithms which are then made available to clinicians via avoMD’s interactive mobile and desktop apps. avoMD’s next-gen user experience mimics that of a virtual consult, and in clinical trials and live deployments, has been shown to dramatically increase the usability and usage of evidence-based guidelines. The avoMD platform can integrate into the electronic health record or function on a standalone basis. avoMD's platform consists of 4 components: (1) Point-of-care app. This is the next-gen, clinical decision support app that provides interactive clinical guidance to clinicians on mobile and desktop. (2) avoBuilder. This tool is a "no-code" content management system that enables our provider partners to easily create, edit, and update their clinical content that is then delivered on the point-of-care app. (3) Analytics. Our analytics layer provides insight into clinical content usage and enables a feedback loop of continuous quality improvement. (4) Marketplace. Additionally, avoMD's marketplace allows for hospitals and providers to sell their clinical content to other providers and thus creates a new revenue opportunities for avoMD partners.

Tech Differentiators

Our competition can generally be classified as primary literature vendors/curators, other point-of-care apps/calculators, or EHR-embedded solutions. The primary literature providers (and vendors that synthesize that literature) provide the latest evidence-based medicine via articles. These tools, like UpToDate, are educational but not designed for point of care consumption. Next, there are point-of-care apps like medical calculators and other point solutions delivered via mobile app (i.e., MDCalc), but these offerings are limited to a specific breadth of clinical circumstances. Last, there are clinical decision support tools embedded within EHR vendors (like Epic and Cerner). These are usually implemented as alerts/reminders, templates, and order sets; however, clinicians users despise these tools due to poor UI/UX and a lack of educational components. Key Advantages. Our platform (a) was designed for clinical workflows and can be integrated into the EHR but can also work autonomously; (b) enables rapid, scalable content customization for each customer; (c) is highly usable with a mobile-first delivery (92% of providers prefer avoMD mobile vs. other clinical reference tools, per usability trial); and (d) is educational as it provides links and articles for further reading and continuing medical education (“CME”) credits.


Saves clinicians time: Back-of-the-envelope estimates demonstrate that avoMD saves clinicians ~50% of their time that would otherwise be wasted accessing and using clinical care pathways. Highly usable software: a usability study conducted with Columbia University demonstrated that 92% of clinicians said avoMD was the only reference tool needed at the point-of-care, 83% said they would use the tool frequently, and usability scores of avoMD exceeded those of Gmail and per the system usability scale. Increases evidence usage by over 10x: Our most recent pilot with one of our partners demonstrated that our software improved the utilization of their clinical guidelines by over tenfold, compared to usage prior to avoMD's implementation. Customer testimonials: --Dr. Hester, Director of Quality Improvement at Children's MN: “By integrating avoMD with our evidence-based approach and expertise , our clinicians will be better equipped to deliver standardized, quality care with greater efficiency." --Dr. Raskas, CMIO of PM Pediatrics: “avoMD translates our team’s clinical expertise into best practice…the platform’s ability to rapidly update and distribute our guidelines allows us to make changes on the fly and adapt to the rapidly-changing clinical environment that COVID 19 has created.” --Dr. Cha, CMIO of Samsung Medical Center: "Embedding links to avoMD within our EHR eases the decision-making process for clinicians, enhances learning, and improves outcomes." --Dr. Salifu, Chair of Medicine at Downstate: "The avoMD app changes the way we take care of patients." --Dr. Husain, Professor of Emergency Medicine at Wake Forest: "avoMD is a must have for primary care physicians."

Why Us

avoMD delivers next-gen user experiences and technology to the front-end of EHRs. We empower clinicians, rather than replace them, to do their jobs with more efficiency and deliver higher quality care to patients. Our vision is to radically transform and democratize CDS.

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