Health Recovery Solutions is dedicated to providing patients and providers with the most advanced telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions.

Jarrett Bauer

Problem Tech Solves

Health Recovery Solutions offers three tiers of our PatientConnect solution, a patient facing application created to drive patient engagement, facilitate biometric monitoring, offer patient educational content and ultimately empower patients with the tools to manage their own care through integrated biometric monitoring, medication tracking and reminders, on demand bidirectional voice, video and messaging–as well as multiuser video calling. The HRS remote monitoring solution is a fully turnkey solution including remote monitoring technology, logistics, and inventory management, EMR integration, and full-coordinated clinical monitoring services including care coordination. Through our multitier solution, HRS focuses on empowering patients and their providers with the tools to improve clinical outcomes, increase clinical efficiency, produce financial ROI and deliver the highest level of patient care possible. The HRS solution provides a dynamic toolbox to produce tangible improvements in patient health and wellbeing. This includes services for Chronic Disease Management, and more specifically, Chronic Care Management programs - of which many HRS partners engage with. HRS’ technology, built by clinicians for clinicians, supports a complete remote patient monitoring program with a connected HRS tablet and Bluetooth peripherals including a pulse oximeter, blood pressure unit, scale, glucometer, thermometer, and a 2 in 1 one-lead ECG and live listening stethoscope. HRS also connects patients and clinicians through three-way video calling in addition to a bidirectional voice and text messaging feature. The HRS solution provides wound imaging, educational content and customizable questionnaires, and medication reminders. Through the HRS platform, the product provides a seamless experience for both providers and patients.

Tech Brief

HRS provides a network of long-term client success services to ensure seamless coordination and project execution for successful remote patient monitoring programs. A key reason our clients continuously choose HRS and continue to expand their programs with us is a result of the exceptional services we offer in conjunction with our technology. HRS' 24/7 customer service is consistently cited by administration, clinicians, and patient's as being a major differentiator and leading feature of the company. We also provide a complete inventory management service, 24/7 clinical monitoring, a marketing team to work with your program's successes and drive referrals to your organization, a reimbursement team to assist with ROI and ensuring your program is receiving all benefits for the program, and a comprehensive client success network to help develop your program from the ground up. HRS can count on its tech support, inventory management, client success, reimbursement consulting, and marketing teams to be major differentiators of the company.

Tech Differentiators

The HRS solution offers support for over 90 different disease states/health conditions. HRS’s Clinical Leaders - including our Clinical Services and Client Success team works with each client to customize client needs and environment to closely align to the goals of each organization. This includes evaluation of the over 90+ presets available and their respective content and metrics tailored to your organization's remote monitoring population. Our most common patient conditions monitored on our solutions include Hypertension, COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Cardiac Failure, Pneumonia, AFib, and Joint/Knee Replacement populations. In 2020 alone, HRS has monitored over 32K CHF patients, 11K Diabetes patients, and 13K COPD patients.



Why Us

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