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Russ Johannesson

Problem Tech Solves

We make management of diabetes and related chronic conditions easier through our remote patient monitoring platforms. Managing diabetes is a full-time job. It requires constant control of one’s blood sugar and insulin intake. People with diabetes have access to a lot of technology, such as blood glucose meters, CGMs, insulin pens and pumps. They can also keep track of food intake and activity through various wearables and apps like Fitbit and Apple Health. All these devices generate useful data for managing diabetes. The devices come in different models and brands, many with their own software. Healthcare providers have to navigate this myriad of devices to support their patients, as there is no one solution that fits all -> this is a major pain point that our platforms address. Our solutions are device-agnostic, meaning that they are compatible 95% of diabetes devices available, as well as wearables and biometric devices. This gives people with diabetes and their care teams the freedom of choice to customize the care program that best meets their need. Having data all in one place is where Glooko provides a unique advantage compared to looking at data from different devices. Understanding how insulin, activity and food intake impacts blood glucose levels makes for better treatment decisions and improved outcomes. Glooko has been providing remote patient monitoring since 2010 and enabling healthcare teams to manage their patients remotely - something that became extremely important during the COVID-19 pandemic, in keeping vulnerable patients safe, healthy and out of the clinic.

Tech Brief

The heart of our solution is the combination of a SaaS software platform and patient mobile application for upload, storage, analytics and visualization of diabetes data. We also offer hardware, when necessary, for uploading data in the clinic and remotely. This hardware makes it possible to upload data from diabetes devices through USB-cables, NFC or IR. We also offer a hardware dongle that can turn an older diabetes device (e.g. a Blood Glucose Monitor) into a smart device by providing plug-in blue tooth capability. Around the world, many of these non-bluetooth/Wifi enabled devices still exist and Glooko’s solution makes high quality digital health available to these communities as well. People with diabetes can upload their data from home, either through cable to their computer and log in to a web application, or through a cloud connection of other apps to their mobile device. They can share the data with their care teams and review it together, either during a clinic visit, but also remotely. A decade ago, and still in some countries, keeping track of how food, insulin and activity affect blood sugar was done manually, by filling out paper journals. When our solution was launched it made diabetes management easier. No guesswork and no paper journals to track, and providing it to healthcare teams from anywhere in the world.

Tech Differentiators

Glooko has several unique value propositions: 1) We are the #1 leader for global diabetes data, with over 35B data points 2) Device & telehealth platform agnostic approach - Glooko integrates with 95% of diabetes devices globally, providing an integrated experience for providers and freedom of choice for patients, along w/ activity wearables, food trackers and biometric devices like blood pressure cuffs 3) Global Footprint - We are a trusted brand in 28 countries and 20 languages deeply integrated into the clinical workflow of over 7500 clinics with over 3+ million users having benefitted from our product. 4) It is the world's largest FDA Part 11 and HIPAA compliant virtual ecosystem.


Our solutions have been part of several clinical studies showing improved outcomes in diabetes when using our Remote Patient Monitoring web-based platform and mobile app: 1) This study, presented at ADA 2021, shows Immediate and Sustained Trends in Glycemic Control during Remote Patient Monitoring in People with Type 2 Diabetes: 2) This study, presented at ATTD 2020, shows that predicting worsening glycemic control via machine learning may help clinicians identify their most at‐risk patients for more intensive intervention. (Abstract ID 376 Insulin Pump Usage Patterns Among Persons With Diabetes (Pwd) Predict Deteriorating Sensor‐based Glucose Control 2–4 Weeks Following Clinic Visits: A Machine Learning Model) >> 3) This study, presented at ADA 2020, shows improved glycemic outcomes following 12 weeks of remote patient monitoring with Glooko . Glycemic Improvements Following Mobile-enabled Remote Patient Monitoring: A Randomized Control Study >> 4) This study, presented at ATTD 2019, shows immediate and sustained improvements in glycemic outcomes during remote patient monitoring. (Abstract 082 Blood Glucose Monitoring and Glycemic Control in the Hospitals) >> 5) This study, presented at DTM 2019, analyses food-logging activity among mobile app users and show how food logging behavior correlates with glycemic outcomes. Mobile-enabled Food Logging Is Associated With Improved Glycemic Management In the Real-world >>

Why Us

Glooko enables telehealth and remote patient monitoring that is easy to access, cost-effective and with evidence-based improved health outcomes. The possibility to share data between patients and providers leads to improved communication, treatment decisions and chronic care management. We also provide our solution free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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