Tele-health chronic care for substance use and pain

Adnan Asar

Problem Tech Solves

Lucid Lane's mission is to empower people with medication dependence and substance-use disorders to live better, healthier lives. We provide a comprehensive end to end tele-health treatment solution to address medication dependency and addiction, co-occurring pain and mental health challenges for patients dependent on medications such as opioids, benzodiazepines and other substances. Our solution consists of medication taper management, medication assisted treatment, pain and mental health therapy and on-going counseling support on a daily basis. It is a 100% tele-health and digital health solution. Each year, 40 million people are prescribed opioids and benzodiazepines-- often after surgery or in conjunction with cancer treatment-- in order to address acute and chronic pain as well as co-occurring mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression that co-occur with any serious illness. These medications work well for a vast majority of the population to address pain and mental health. However, about 15 million people will become persistent users of opioids and benzodiazepines annually. Doctors do not know how to help these patients, they are not trained and do not have the capacity or means to help these patients. Hence they continue to slide into longer term dependency and eventually addiction that cost the US healthcare system over $150B in healthcare cost & immeasurable societal damage. Lucid Lane catches these patients early in the cycle and provides a comprehensive solution to prevent these patients from becoming persistent or addicted users. Lucid Lane Raised $16 Million Series A From Accel and Battery Ventures in July 2021.

Tech Brief

Our solution consists of a Software as a Services (SaaS) platform with web and mobile applications in combination with a team of trained and licensed therapists providing scheduled therapy. Each patient has a dedicated therapist to provide pain and mental health therapy to our patients using CBT and other mind-body therapy techniques via tele-health. Our SaaS platform along with web and mobile based applications provides remote patient monitoring with on-going health checks to collect and monitor mental health, pain, quality of life and functioning health signals. These health signals feed into our proprietary analytics engine to make smart tapering recommendations to our clinical team. We are also able to detect any negative trends and proactively reach out to our members to provide them real-time support. The analytics engine also helps personalize patient treatment plans so that doctors and treatment teams follow their clear, meticulously designed Medication Taper Management program which shows exactly when to start tapering medication, how much to taper, when to increase the rate of taper, as well as when to stop.

Tech Differentiators

Lucid Lane uses data-driven personalized health planning, real-time interventions, daily coach-based support and daily on-going access to therapist support to make it easier for people with medication dependence and substance use to successfully taper and live a healthier life. The Lucid Lane solution is a core set of technologies and services that provide ongoing measurement and monitoring, personalized treatment planning and timely interventions to provide a comprehensive solution for medication dependence and substance-use disorder. We're the only company that is focused on building a Medication Taper Management solution. Our core focus is to automate and digitize the tapering planning and recommendation based on our proprietary analytics engine that we have built and are constantly enhancing. The analytics engine helps to personalize patient treatment plans so that doctors and treatment teams follow their clear, meticulously designed Medication Taper Management program which shows exactly when to start tapering medication, how much to taper, when to increase the rate of taper, as well as when to stop. This information is accessible to the internal clinical team. It can also be integrated with various electronic health record systems, such as Epic and Cerner.


We have significant clinical outcomes to demonstrate that over 90% of patients who started Lucid Lane’s Medication Taper Management service have safely tapered off and met their clinical goals and were thereby prevented from becoming new persistent opioid users. Lucid Lane members have tapered by 50% in 6 months, which is substantially better than CDC guidelines. This coincides with statistically and clinically significant improvements in pain, emotional wellbeing and quality of life. Lucid Lane is currently engaged in peer-reviewed clinical studies at marquee medical institutions, including MD Anderson Cancer Center, Stanford University, the Veteran Affairs System, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. We have an NPS score of 70 and CSAT of over 9.0 / 10.0 MEMBER TESTIMONIAL “I first have to say words cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing support and therapy I received these past few months. You, the group, and my therapist Stephanie, were a true godsend.    After a decade of taking prescribed benzodiazepines (Xanax) to cope with anxiety and insomnia, I sought professional help from Lucid Lane who specializes in recovery from my particular dependency. ..... After two months of working with Lucid Lane, I was able to get in touch with a more empowered version of myself and release my dependency. It is honestly a miracle! I never thought I would arrive here and I could not have done it without the specialized support of the Lucid Lane team.”

Why Us

We have the most comprehensive product available for medication dependence, substance use with co-occurring pain and mental health serving the entire spectrum of patients from dependent to addicted. We have tremendous payer coverage across commercial, medicare and tricare and we have tremendous provider growth with the best team.

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