Awarding The Next Best Company In...

Consumer Prevention
We are seeking the best digital health product solution product or solution that helps consumers/patients keep diseases at bay, personalizes their healthcare experience, and/or gives them a sense of ownership in the process of improving their health

2020 Winner: Dexcom

Consumer Wellness
We are seeking the best digital health product or solution that empowers consumers to take control of their wellness, improves their health, saves lives and lowers healthcare costs

2020 Winner: Oura

Employer Prevention & Wellness
We are seeking the best digital health product or solution targeted at employers, that helps them improve overall employee health & wellness, and better manage prevention programs

2020 Winner: Grand Rounds

Hospital Diagnostics
As clinicians become increasingly connected and digitally-enabled, we are seeking the best hospital-based digital diagnostic technologies for bedside/point-of-care monitoring, that help providers in decision-making by enhancing, analyzing, and recording different aspects of patient data

2020 Winner: Eko

Mental & Behavioral Health
We are seeking the best digital health solution targeted at addressing and improving mental / behavioral health & wellness, based on ease of access, clinical validation, proven outcomes, anonymity and access to licensed care providers

2020 Winner: Ginger

New Health Application of AI
We are seeking the best 'new' application of artificial intelligence and machine learning that is facilitating a digital transformation in healthcare, while bringing annual savings for the US healthcare economy

2020 Winner: Viz.ai

New EHR Advance
We are seeking the best digital health product or solution that is using data in electronic health records (EHR) to meaningfully improve patient outcomes, enhance access to patient medical records, and address interoperability

2020 Winner: Human API

Patient Cost Savings
We are seeking the best digital health product or solution that has the most profound impact on reducing the overall healthcare costs for patients and providers

2020 Winner: Advocatia Solutions

Remote Diagnostic Tool or Device
We are seeking the best digital health device, product or solution for remote patient monitoring and/or diagnostics (RPM), that enables smart, continuous and cost-effective monitoring of patients outside of hospital settings, thereby establishing a more robust relationship between patients and providers and improving patient outcomes

2020 Winner: Conversa

New Application in Telehealth
We are seeking the most innovative and scalable telehealth platform that scores high on quality, safety, EHR integrations, cost, and convenience

2020 Winner: GoodRx

Breakthrough COVID-19 Technology
Best breakthrough COVID-19 technology outside of vaccine or therapeutic development.  Companies submitting an entry in the COVID-19 category can also make a submission in another category

2020 Winners: Mammoth Biosciences (Best Diagnostic Testing Solution), Carbon Health (Best Delivery and Decision Support Solution) and ConsejoSano (Best Patient Engagement Solution)

Best Company with UCSF DNA
We are seeking the best commercial, in-market digital health technology or solution with deep UCSF roots, either by being started at UCSF or which is deeply influenced by a key leadership role held by UCSF faculty or alumni

2020 Winner: Akili Interactive

UCSF Hall of Fame
Awarded to three ‘ground breakers’ in the heath tech space with a focus on founders that started a super important company and broke the mold.

2020 Winners:Roy Schoenberg (President & CEO, Amwell), Rajeev Singh (CEO, Accolade) and Doug Hirsch & Trevor Bezdek (CEOs, GoodRx)

New Life Sciences Awards
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New Therapeutic
We are seeking the best drug or drug candidate in the field of oncology, immunology, neuroscience or metabolic, or in an emerging modality
New Life Sciences Diagnostic
We are seeking the best next generation sequencing platform, with a focus on COVID-19, infectious disease, liquid biopsies and biomarker identification                                                                                         
New Life Sciences Tool
We are seeking the best emerging synthetic biology or AI-enabled drug development platform that is advancing the field of biotechnology       
COVID-19 Therapeutic
We are seeking the best COVID-19 therapeutic drug or drug candidate exclusive of COVID-19 Vaccines                                               
COVID-19 Technology Derivative
We are seeking the best COVID-19 technology that is being applied to fight global public health crises outside of COVID-19

2020 Award Winners

Our 2020 Winners are back this year as sponsors and will crown the winner in their respective categories