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Grant Gordon

Problem Tech Solves

Artemis Health started as a way to impact healthcare for the roughly 50% of Americans who get their health insurance through their employers. We gather, analyze, and interpret data from medical claims, prescription claims, and other employee benefits programs. Self-insured employers are innovators within the HR and Benefits space, and they use benefits data to choose the right benefits programs and healthcare networks for employees and their families. However, software and technology tools have not kept up with the astronomical increase in prices for healthcare. HR teams need better tools to help them eliminate wasteful spending, choose wellness solutions that work, and impact employee health. Our proprietary data platform, models, and tools allow users to do just that by comparing data across programs, creating visualizations right in the platform, and sharing their findings with key stakeholders. These advanced tools have enabled us to serve over 500+ enterprise customers and impat the lives of over 9 million patients. Employers want to provide great health benefits to employees and thier families. They want to offer programs that work to improve health, policies that don't force patients to pay out of pocket, and coverage that meets a wide variety of needs. The Artemis Platform helps them do this using their own benefits data. Our ultimate goal is to integrate all U.S. lives onto the Artemis Platform and ensure healthcare is efficient and affordable for everyone.

Tech Brief

The Artemis Platform enables HR and Benefits professionals to mine healthcare data. Our SaaS offering enables them to find a number of insights into population health, including employee risk scores, high cost claimants, health trends, and more. We offer benchmarking tools and methodologies so organizations can see how their member populations compares to similar groups. The platform lets benefits teams see what costs their incurring, if there are gaps in their coverage, how common conditions are affecting their employees, and identify opportunities for improved care and coverage. Approximately 30% of healthcare dollars are wasted, and that’s where Artemis is adding tremendous value. Our Actionable Overspending tool uses a proprietary data model to help our customers identify overspending on unnecessary ER visits, inefficient prescribing, and more. This tool, in turn, helps patients avoid higher healthcare costs and out-of-pocket spending. One unique way in which the Artemis Platform stands out is our data integration engine, which we call Zeus. We built Zeus to ingest large, disparate data feeds, normalize the fields and match them to member IDs, and ensure any data quality issues are resolved efficiently. This machine learning tool gets better and better at understanding that a member called "John James Doe" on a carrier data feed is the same as the member called "John J. Doe" on the feed from a diabetes care managment vendor, for example. We back up Zeus with human quality checks, and this improvement in data quality is unique to the benefits analytics industry.

Tech Differentiators

The Artemis Platform was built specifically to aggregate and deliver insights in benefits data. Many other solutions that employers use are for other types of healthcare data, but don't offer the distinct metrics, breakdowns, and actionable insights that Artemis does. Additionally, it integrates visualization tools directly in the platform, so users don't need to export their data in order to create charts and graphs that tell a data story. The Artemis user experience is unique in the industry. We specifically developed the platform to be functional, fast, and easy to use for both data analytics experts and data newbies. You don't have to have a data science background to look for trends in employee health, measure the impact of a wellness program, or find out how much you're spending on a given condition or procedure. We pride ourselves on a continually evolving tool that keeps up with the needs of our customers and partners. Artemis utilizes customer feedback to create new functionality, add data enhancements, integrate new types of data, and build further toolsets.


Artemis worked with the Paychex benefits team to reduce costs for their organization and for patients on their plan. They noticed they had an opportunity to save costs on emergency room claims, an opportunity that has existed for a number of years. They partnered with Artemis Health to look more closely at their benefits data, and they saw that avoidable emergency room claims accounted for a staggering $1.5 million in their spending in the first half of 2019. Additionally, that number was trending up. Members were visiting the ER more often, in larger numbers for each analysis period, and the cost was rising both for Paychex and for their members. Diving deeper, they found that members were using the emergency room for conditions like headaches, urinary tract infections, cough, low back pain, and other things the Artemis data model flags as "avoidable." In other words, these conditions can be addressed at less expensive points of care like urgent care centers and primary care visits. Paychex took action by initiating a member education campaign to help their employees get to know other care options. They mailed brochures, sent emails, and conducted benefits workshops to highlight the availability of urgent care centers and the available cost savings for members. We invite you to read additional Artemis case studies: https://www.artemishealth.com/case-studies/using-data-to-address-emotional-well-being https://www.artemishealth.com/case-studies/how-benefits-data-helped-wayfair-plan-a-successful-open-enrollment https://www.artemishealth.com/case-studies/using-data-for-better-chronic-condition-management

Why Us

Artemis Health makes every other employer health and wellness solution better. By offering data-driven insights and measurements, we ensure that other employee health initiatives are reaching the right members, delivering ROI, and improving the health and well-being of employees and their families.

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