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Carrot Fertility is the leading global fertility benefits provider for employers, built to support employees through their entire family-forming journey. Carrot's clinically-managed program includes fertility preservation like egg and sperm freezing, in vitro fertilization (IVF), donor and gestational carrier services, and adoption. This includes a comprehensive fertility care and pregnancy telehealth platform covering everything from early consideration phases through fertility treatments, adoption, and pregnancy, and Carrot Rx, a premium virtual pharmacy experience with significant savings on essential fertility medications. Using its global network of more than 4,800 eligible clinics, agencies, pharmacies, and legal services partners, Carrot helps connect employees with the specialists they need. Members can also access a first-of-its-kind telehealth program that combines AI-powered predictive analytics with virtual appointments and connects members with more than 2,000 reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, adoption experts, OB/GYNs, doulas, midwives, and more. Carrot Rx offers a transformed fertility medication experience, providing personalization, easy navigation, and clinician support, so the member feels confident when ordering, storing, and administering medications. The pandemic brought a number of changes and challenges to healthcare — especially in the fertility care and pregnancy space. With virtual access to medical experts, on-demand doctor-approved content, and fertility medication, Carrot members have more flexibility than ever when it comes to pursuing parenthood through Carrot at Home and Carrot Rx, ensuring that customers continue to feel supported during their family-forming journeys in the comfort of their homes.

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Carrot fills in the gaps left by others in the industry. While competitors focus on a handful of women-specific fertility services like IVF and egg freezing, Carrot’s fertility benefits support all paths to parenthood, including adoption. This diversification ensures people of all identities can receive financial and emotional support for their unique journeys. For employers, offering Carrot means prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. With technology-based offerings like Carrot at Home and Carrot Rx, Carrot offers a level of personalization not seen across the industry. This personalization includes an understanding that no two family-forming journeys are alike so guidance through resources, access to the industry’s largest network of fertility doctors, clinics, and specialists, and on-call expert advice for navigating the experience are cornerstones to Carrot’s offering. To ensure companies ranging in size can offer family-forming benefits to their employees, Carrot uniquely offers flexible plans. Employers can work with Carrot to create a tailored plan that works for their budget and employees simultaneously. Ultimately, the employer saves money avoiding unnecessary medical claims. Carrot’s global reach also sets it apart from competitors. Carrot regularly researches local cultural and medical standards to ensure offerings are relevant to the country’s fertility care landscape. Carrot’s inclusivity and personalization ensures all employees are able to easily access and utilize the benefits, while its plan flexibility ensures companies can tailor the offering to fit their budgetary needs.

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Employers recognize that a convergence of societal factors have made it critical to support all paths to parenthood to meet the needs of today’s diverse workforce. Therefore, companies use Carrot to customize a fertility benefit that provides employees financial, medical, and emotional support as they pursue parenthood, reducing healthcare costs and resulting in better clinical outcomes. Target Carrot customers are employers, health plans and health payers looking to create holistic care models that support employees’ whole selves inside and outside of work. As a result, companies can foster an inclusive work environment where employees are more productive. These employees are Carrot’s end users; providing emotional and financial support to all employees pursuing parenthood drives the company’s purpose. Carrot chose workplace benefits as a medium for fertility care because 180 million Americans receive health coverage through work, enabling Carrot to reach a large audience with maximum impact.



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