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Richard Strobridge

Problem Tech Solves

The COVereD Digital Navigation Program (DNP), built on the Rx.Health Unification Platform, enables health systems, health plans, and ACOs to outreach, triage and monitor their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The DNP integrates a set of high-value digital tools which were evidenced to be the most effective digital health strategies to reduce COVID-19 exposure and provide continued monitoring to patients. The first digital asset allows health systems to outreach electronically and remotely monitor patients directly though EHR. The monitoring includes automatic daily check-ins for COVID-19 symptoms/exposure and integrates device-based monitoring, for example remote blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and weight monitoring. The second digital tool enables digital triage and on-demand Telehealth. After self-reporting their symptoms, patients are automatically digitally triaged and supported with guidance and referral to the next appropriate site of care. This tool also enables providers to launch on-demand Telehealth - converting existing appointments to video visits and seamlessly onboarding and tracking patients, along with billing support. Patients can access their Telehealth visit with one click and there is no need for patient onboarding and signup. The third digital asset enables simplified surveillance of patients by physicians on a population dashboard. The data from both the device-based and device-less remote monitoring is uploaded onto a dashboard, which provides a risk-stratified perspective and simplifies population health surveillance. Together these assets enable patients to receive continuous outreach, monitoring, and care from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Tech Brief

This is the only evidence-based platform that unifies multiple digital medicine tools into one digital health formulary and that allows for healthcare systems to manage the wellbeing of both employees and patients. There are various different capabilities that the platform has to offer including: electronic outreach and knowledge hubs to improve patient/provider education, digital triage prior to upcoming appointments, Telehealth and exposure-based risk stratification services, and remote patient monitoring. The DNP integrates multiple digital tools to provide a breakthrough in a digital health market that is fragmented. The Rx.Health Platform’s key differentiators include: scalability of the platform, automated bulk prescription via the EHR, and multiple published and validated success stories.

Tech Differentiators

The target customers and users are patients of a given health system, health plan or accountable care organization. The end-users are both providers and patients who are able to interact through the platform and utilize its digital assets. In the case of the digital triage and on-demand Telehealth capabilities, patients are able to best determine next steps in regards to their care and launch Telehealth services with their provider. As a part of the population dashboard both employees of the healthcare system and patients would be equipped with educational resources, including to manage stress and burnout such as meditation and fitness applications. By digitizing the check in process, healthcare systems are able to efficiently monitor and manage the wellness and status of their employees and patients. The remote monitoring and outreach capability allows for providers and administrators to keep track of the COVID-19 exposure of thousands of patients at a given time. The buyers for this platform would consist of healthcare systems, accountable care organizations, and health plans.



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