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Powered by assets and IP obtained through internal development and acquisition, Sharecare’s flagship platform is far more comprehensive than any other for health and well-being management, coupling science with art. It bridges clinical programs and dynamic content experiences to its members, empowering them to access all their health information and resources in one place. Each user’s Sharecare experience begins with the RealAge® test, Sharecare’s clinically validated health risk assessment that shows members the true age of their body and creates action plans to educate them on and address the daily critical health factors making the biggest impact on their longevity. Each factor is tracked on a green-to-red color scale, making it easy to understand one’s real-time health status and how to lower their RealAge over time. This game-like modality creates an effective incentive currency that motivates participants to engage actively in the platform. Key insights gleaned from this self-reported and smartphone-driven data, in addition to data from eligibility and claims, social determinants of health (SDOH) and medical records are then analyzed (with each user’s permission) to recommend personalized resources, information and clinically validated programs that meet each person where they are in their health journey. Through this platform, Sharecare also provides lifestyle and disease management coaching, as well as tools such as find-a-doctor, a prescription savings card and pricing database, clinical decision support, programs that range from financial well-being to behavioral health, and more.

Tech Brief

The comprehensiveness of our platform has helped position Sharecare in a “category of one.” Our platform is user-friendly – again, taking the fragmentation and complexity of navigating healthcare out of each person’s experience – as well as interoperable, enabling data from medical claims, health activity, self-reported information, and more, to deliver highly personalized experiences tailored to help users improve their state of health. The power of smartphone technologies, artificial intelligence, and data analytics is bolstered by the Sharecare Community Well-Being Index (CWBI), the industry’s most expansive, diversified, and dynamic measure of well-being across U.S. communities. The CWBI not only allows Sharecare to keep a pulse on the individual and social/ environmental risk factors of the populations served through our platform, but it also provides invaluable insight that enables us to tailor our products and interventions (in partnership with our customers) to improve health among all lives touched.

Tech Differentiators

We partner with our Enterprise customers – public and private employers and health insurers – to deliver our health and well-being solutions to a diverse set of workforces, as well as their families and dependents as part of their medical healthcare benefits. Partnering with these organizations allow us to take a truly community-driven approach to driving well-being across populations. Among the populations we serve through our customers are nearly half a million state government workers (including public school teachers) across Georgia, and Walmart’s workforce (which includes 2.3 million individuals and is the largest private employer in many U.S. states), and employees of Delta Airlines, as just three examples of population sets. Today, we work directly with nearly 30 large employers, 9 health plans that cover approximately 64,000 additional employers, and 10 public sector customers. All combined, our work with our customers has given us a reach of more than 7 million covered lives. We’re proud that our Enterprise users also represent adults across all populations and demographics in the U.S., who benefit from our personalized platform experience and broad array of clinical programs, original health content, and tech-enabled tools to serve their individual needs – from family planning to chronic disease management to managing financial well-being and more.



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