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Alex Petrov

Problem Tech Solves

Yes Health is the only all-mobile diabetes prevention (and weight loss) solution with “Image based In-the Moment Coaching” that is CDC accredited. We’ve helped tens of thousands of people prevent type 2 diabetes (T2D) and obesity, which account for $245 billion and $147 billion in US annual healthcare cost, respectively. By improving outcomes, we reduce healthcare costs for leading health insurance providers who offer our programs at no cost to their eligible members. With the CMS estimated incremental, annual Medicare cost for a person with T2D of $7,300, Yes Health delivers a 560% ROI for health plans, employers and healthcare systems. With 88 million people suffering from pre-diabetes, 160 million people suffering from unhealthy weight and the annual combined health care cost at $392 million and rising, T2D has reached epidemic proportions in the US. This is an avoidable situation. Research has proven that intensive lifestyle intervention protocols can prevent the onset of T2D in people with pre-diabetes. The challenges are members’ protocol adherence (sustainable engagement) and the lack of cost effective DPPs that scale to millions of people.

Tech Brief

Yes Health has built a unique, proprietary technology platform for lifestyle and behavior change. This has proven to dramatically improve adherence, by making actionable the latest in diabetes and behavior change research from the CDC, UCSF and other renowned institutions at scale. Yes Health scales by combining the HIGH TOUCH personal, compassionate care of health coaches with the HIGH TECH convenience of a mobile-first, AI augmented automated technology platform.

Tech Differentiators

Yes Health is different from other offerings available due to our intelligent AI experience. The main machine learning component of the app is able to harness vast amounts of collected log text, coach feedback and corresponding images. Beyond the image based identification, the app has grown a rich NLP platform that assists Yes Health’s live coaches in responding to members meals, activities and even messages, and can even replicate a coach’s responses. It can also measure sentiment, and analyze the trends in the Yes Health member base in order to better understand what makes members succeed or fail within the program, allowing Yes Health to tailor the coaching process to maximize success.


Yes Health exceeds all CDC DPRP standards of care metrics and has achieved data validation and full recognition status by the CDC. Our primary focus has been to achieve sustainable weight loss and sustainable physical activity, while maintaining consistently high program adherence. Outcomes (cohorts’ weighted averages): Avg. Weight Loss (standard > 5%): 6.3% Avg. Minutes of physical activity at 6 mos. (standard avg. min. per week per Member mos. 1-6 > 150 Min): 219 min Avg. Minutes of physical activity at 6 mos. (standard avg. min. per week per Member mos. 7-12 > 150 Min): 202 min Key Adherence Metrics Session Attendance Mos. 1-6 / Retention (60% must attend at least 9 sessions): 98.2% Session Attendance Mos. 7-12 / Retention (60% must attend at least 3 sessions): 94.7% Weekly Actives (the percent of members that are actively engaging with the program on a weekly basis): 69% Daily Actives (the percent of members that are actively engaging with the program on a daily basis): 39% Number of average engagements per member per week: 19 These results are rooted in our “In-The Moment Coaching” model. Members on average have 12x more learning moments compared to other digital programs (248 vs. 22 per member per year) using only ½ the human coaching time (208 coaching minutes vs. 440 coaching minutes per member per year). This accelerates the members’ learning curves (i.e. members achieve 80% healthy meal scores within 13 weeks) while reducing the digital program cost (49% lower coaching cost per member per year).

Why Us

Our programs are designed to empower people to live healthier, happier lives. Our team of experts are committed to creating programs that are easy to follow and successful in preventing diabetes. We help people take charge of their health—and have fun doing it—by developing healthy habits that last a lifetime.

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