Activating therapeutic biology

Richard Yu

Problem Tech Solves


Tech Brief

GPCRs are one of the most validated and successfully drugged target classes, but many promising targets remain undrugged. The ability to safely and effectively alter the function of specific GPCRs, which are a dominant cell surface receptor that act as the "control knobs" on cells, enables mobilization of therapeutic biological activities or restoration of malfunctioning cells.

Tech Differentiators

Our platform and the products it generates are unique. No other technology or company team is designed from the ground up to identify and develop antibody drugs to activate or modulate GPCR targets. We're the only ones, that we're aware of, with a generated lead molecule that has validating animal data.


We successfully executed a feasibility analysis and signed a discovery partnership (details not publicly disclosed at this time). We are finding modulators of the partner's target of interest, and economic terms involve an upfront cash payment as well as $100M+ in development and sales milestone payments.

Why Us

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