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Michael Serbinis

Problem Tech Solves

The current healthcare experience is a complex web of information, providers, employer-sponsored programs and insurers that is difficult to manage. League is a technology-focused health company powering the digital transformation of healthcare. Employers, pharmacy retailers, healthcare providers and payers use our award-winning health operating system (health OS) to deliver integrated and personalized experiences that drive meaningful consumer engagement and outcomes.

Tech Brief

This platform approach is more than just an app or a portal, it's a digital infrastructure that allows organizations to build end-to-end health experiences leveraging their existing data and brand identity through League’s platform of integrated technologies. Essentially our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model empowers people to live healthier and happier lives. This aligns with the profound shifts that are occurring within the healthcare industry. There is a race to modernize healthcare systems and transform their end-user experiences. Healthcare players need an infrastructure that will allow them to build consumer-grade health interactions. Just like Shopify is to retail (enabling millions of merchants to transform their experience and thrive online), League is to providers, pharmacies and payers. Our PaaS has three attributes that enable success for customers: - customer branding/impact, - engagement/personalization - modular/open architecture

Tech Differentiators

League is driving healthcare innovation forward in terms of engagement and personalization. We are achieving monthly active user and engagement rates that are in line with leading social media platforms (60-70%) while the majority of healthcare platforms only garner engagement rates in the single digits. Our platform does more for consumers by leveraging AI and machine learning along with novel data integrations to create personalized and meaningful content. League believes that when individuals are actively engaged with their own health journey, they achieve better health. This in turn leads to a more proactive and less reactive care model that results in better healthcare economics at scale. Our health OS provides a user journey that makes interacting with healthcare information as easy and fun as managing a Spotify playlist. Each individualized health journey creates a unique experience for users and also guides them to a next-best health action, ultimately closing gaps in care. Our always-on, mobile-first, self-service platform makes it so that users can interact with their health whenever and wherever they want. Not only are we creating an industry-leading consumer experience, but we are also creating a singular front door to healthcare. Most healthcare experiences involve a number of specific point solutions. League unites all of these disparate solutions into a singular consumer experience. What this does is create a health and benefits platform that is easy to navigate and encourages rather than discourages healthcare engagement.


Digital health experiences powered by League have strong digital activation rates, engagement, and consumer health outcomes. Some results from our current clients include: 85% Activation — 85% of users who download go on to create an account indicating strong targeting >50% Active User Engagement — Of the users who have activated their account, 45% have completed their health profile and 40% are enrolled in a health program >90% Satisfaction — For one of our clients, their overall users love the digital experience we’ve developed for them, with many users highlighting the programs and care team chat as their favorite features Significant savings — $13.11 per user per month cost savings due to redirection to primary care setting Primary Care — 51% to 67% increase in PCP selection within 30 days Speed to market — We can launch and deploy a comprehensive CX platform within 6 months.

Why Us

There are a lot of companies in the healthcare space that are talking about modernizing consumer healthcare. League is actually doing it. We are advancing consumer health through data science, behavioral science and consumerization; all to create a healthier and happier tomorrow.

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