iRhythm Technologies is a leading digital healthcare company redefining the way cardiac arrhythmias are clinically diagnosed with wearable biosensor devices.

Douglas Devine

Problem Tech Solves

iRhythm estimates that more than 10M Americans are at high-risk for a common heart rhythm disorder known as atrial fibrillation. In the U.S, cardiac arrhythmias like AFib remain a leading cause of stroke. The market for testing those patients is centered on symptomatic patients -- those who present with symptoms of dizziness, etc. -- and a physician needs to sort out whether those causes are associated with arrhythmias. For years, cumbersome and uncomfortable Holter monitors with low patient compliance and limited monitoring duration were used for arrhythmia monitoring. Holter monitors limit a patient’s ability to carry on daily activities and have a low diagnostic yield, which often result in repeat testing. iRhythm is changing that. iRhythm is redefining how cardiac arrhythmias are clinically diagnosed by combining wearable biosensing tech, with cloud-based data analytics and machine learned AI capabilities to bring dependable and easy remote cardiac monitoring to the wider population. For patients, the monitor is comfortable to wear and over 80% of patients who wore both a Zio and Holter simultaneously preferred the Zio monitor. With its two main product offerings, Zio XT for lower-risk patients and Zio AT for higher-risk patients, iRhythm is working to identify arrhythmias with highly accurate, clinically superior data, so physicians can speed the time to diagnosis and create better health outcomes and treatment plans for their patients.

Tech Brief

Zio, iRhythm’s flagship product, is a small, lightweight, wireless and discreets remote ambulatory cardiac monitor. It allows physicians to diagnose arrhythmias quicker and more efficiently than traditional technologies and avoid repeat testing. Zio can be applied in-clinic by clinicians or at-home by the patient, eliminating the need for an in-office visit. We provide patient support 24/7. iRhythm’s Zio platform is a proven and complete ambulatory cardiac monitoring solution designed to meet clinician needs across the patient risk spectrum, and includes: 1. A small, unobtrusive, water-resistant monitor encasing a chip and two electrodes to maximize patient comfort and compliance, collecting uninterrupted, continuous, high-quality ECG recordings. 2. A deep-learned, FDA-cleared algorithm that processes ECG signals to detect a diverset of arrhythmias. This AI algorithm has been demonstrated, through peer-reviewed publication in Nature Medicine, to be more accurate than cardiologists in annotating arrhythmias. An actionable and concise patient report that aids physicians in diagnosis. This accurate report is curated by the algorithm and further reviewed by trained Certified Cardiographic Technicians. Physicians agree with report findings 99% of the time. 3. A cloud-enabled desktop and mobile friendly patient management portal (ZioSuite) that enables clinicians to access and interpret the report online, allowing easy and timely access to patient data. 4. The MyZio symptom tracking mobile app provides a simple and convenient way for patients to log their symptoms, receive timely notifications, and get answers to their questions.

Tech Differentiators

Diagnostics solutions have advanced rapidly in the last 20 years, but cardiac monitoring has been left behind. While patients complete multiple rounds of non-diagnostic testing, their care is delayed because of antiquated and uncomfortable technology that was developed in the 1960s. With Zio, iRhythm aims to create a new standard of cardiac care that replaces traditional heart health technologies, like the Holter monitor, that are inadequate in identifying, diagnosing, and managing the most common and deadly arrhythmias. Zio allows physicians to diagnose arrhythmias more quickly and efficiently, avoid repeat testing, and create timely treatment plans –– potentially avoiding more serious medical events, including stroke. In a research study (Barret, P., et al.), physicians were able to reach diagnosis 90% of the time with Zio. (1) Unlike Holter monitors — which are worn for 24-48 hours and limit the time to record any irregular heart rhythms a patient may have — the Zio monitor can be comfortably worn for up to 14 days and can capture larger amounts of data for analysis. Research demonstrates that 51% of patients have their first symptom-triggered arrhythmia after the first 48 hours. Zio helps capture arrhythmias that would have otherwise been missed by Holter monitors. iRhythm wants patients to know there are better options to diagnose and manage their heart health, so they can effectively advocate for themselves. Simultaneously, iRhythm wants physicians to know there are more reliable solutions that will enable them to focus their time on what matters most: Delivering quality patient care. (1)


Zio is clinically validated by over 40 peer-reviewed studies. A recent transatlantic clinical trial in JAMA Cardiology found Zio led to a 10x increase in the detection of silent AFib versus patients receiving standard clinical care. One out of 20 patients in the heart monitoring group was found to have a new diagnosis of AFib and 75% of patients were prescribed a blood thinner medication for protection against strokes. Data from the mSToPS study showed patients diagnosed with AFib in iRhythm’s Zio-monitored group had a significantly lower rate of hospitalizations and ER visits than the non-monitored control group. Other studies proven iRhythm's clinical efficacy and utility here: Health systems across the country have been able to improve clinical outcomes (2x faster diagnosis), improve diagnostic accuracy, reduce operating costs (saved over 90 mins of labor cost per monitor) and achieve financial growth. Real-life case studies here: Mary Sue Ryan is a patient success story. She was diagnosed with atrial flutter and prescribed an event monitor. The monitor would have been cumbersome to wear. She refused to wear a difficult monitor so she transitioned to a different physician who prescribed her Zio AT. Later, she suffered a serious heart incident and iRhythm notified her physician while she was en route to the hospital. This allowed the hospital to be prepared before she got to the ER, easing the diagnostic process, and helping Mary Sue return her heart rhythm to normal.

Why Us

iRhythm is redefining how cardiac arrhythmias are clinically diagnosed with remote patient monitoring technology that includes cloud-based data analytics and AI. iRhythm is creating a new standard of cardiac care, replacing outdated ambulatory cardiac monitoring technologies that are inadequate in identifying, diagnosing, and managing the most common and deadly arrhythmias.

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