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Marg Patel

Problem Tech Solves

Medly democratizes pharmacy access for all. With free same-day delivery, Medly eliminates pharmacy deserts and makes it seamless for everyone to access prescriptions. Medly also partners with healthcare advocacy organizations and specialty doctors in the therapeutic areas of dermatology, diabetes, lupus, MS, and HIV. One of Medly's largest areas of focus is medication adherence, which helps ensure patients take their medications as prescribed. Currently only 50% of patients in the US are medically adherent which increases the likelihood of drug complications, emergency room visits, and general poor health outcomes. With Medly, medication adherence rates increase 80%, improving health and saving lives. Throughout the current ongoing pandemic, prescription delivery has been a key part of keeping vulnerable communities home and safe from the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus while receiving their essential medications. Medly has allowed for their patients to continue to stay medically adherent, which has been essential over the past year.

Tech Brief

Medly is a full-service, digital pharmacy that offers free same-day delivery. Medly infuses technology into every aspect of the platform to better serve both patients and doctors. Medly gives doctors a seamless way to prescribe and refill all their patients’ prescriptions while handling insurance coordination and provides data to track medication adherence and patient outcomes. With Medly, patients can easily access, manage, and track all their prescription and wellness product needs via an app or phone.

Tech Differentiators

Founded by second-generation pharmacy owners, Medly has a deep understanding of the pharmacy business and how it can improve patients’ health outcomes. Unlike its competitors, Medly has developed software to seamlessly handle the entire process including customer service, collaboration with doctors, collaboration with pharmacists and delivery. For Medly, the priority is making sure that from the moment the patient leaves their doctor’s office, they don’t have to worry about anything. This is part of the reason Medly has a net-promoter-score that is 4.5 times greater than the traditional retail chain pharmacy. In addition, through its recent acquisition of Pharmaca, Medly offers a variety of wellness and healthcare products including vitamins, supplements, natural beauty products, and over-the-counter medications in addition to prescription drugs, ensuring that patients can easily access a full suite of health and wellness products they need on a digital platform.


Medly’s net promoter score is more than four times greater than the average pharmacy. This score highlights how effective Medly’s technology and service is at reducing the common barriers to pharmacy and healthcare access. Additionally, Medly patients see an 80% better medication adherence standard than traditional pharmacies highlight that their digital-first approach enables more patients to access needed medication and ultimately improves health outcomes.

Why Us

Medly developed technology to simplify and improve the pharmacy experience enabling its patients to easily and affordably access medications, OTC medications, and wellness products to lead healthier lives.

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