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Problem Tech Solves

Summus solves the problem of speed and access to high quality specialists that exists in healthcare. Using a proprietary marketplace model, the Summus platform powers a high-quality virtual specialty care solution that empowers members anywhere in the world to access leading physicians and Centers of Excellence across any health question -- from allergies to cancer. Summus was built to be the “leading doctors’ choice for virtual specialty care”. Our model has attracted the best in medicine to give quality time to our members. Today, most virtual care models are focused in primary / urgent care. With the majority of healthcare costs concentrated in specialty care, Summus’ unique virtual model drives better, more cost-efficient outcomes through fast access to high quality medical expertise. We believe the future of virtual care will be about quality (network and technology) and innovation in specialty care. From preventive care to care navigation to complex diagnoses like cancer, Summus has created a new model that serves as a digital front door to high quality specialty care.

Tech Brief

Summus’ platform for patients and physicians is built on the foundation of the ultimate user-friendly, accessible and efficient way to connect patients and doctors. By using an intuitive and widely recognized search function at its core, the Summus platform includes such features as activity alerts, an outgoing call system, and an easy-to-use onboarding process that collects relevant data points. We have expanded our engagement types beyond physician to patient and migrated into peer-to-peer synchronous curbside consultations, and text-based peer to peer connections for streamlined questions. Additionally, the Summus platform is used by leading Academic Medical Centers to power direct-to-consumer and employer opinion programs. When designing the platform, Summus goal was to integrate all facets of the consultation process, making a user-friendly, accessible, and efficient platform, and most importantly, ensuring data and system security and compliance. Our team created a comprehensive and user-friendly workflow, an embedded DICOM viewer, as well as a thoughtful video consultation interface design. Lastly, Summus logs and audits every action and data change that is made in the platform, and has instituted a hardened permissioning model, to ensure we adhere to industry best practices for security and privacy. Summus focuses on providing access to the highest quality network to empower members and their families to make the best decisions about their healthcare. We work with the leading specialists across every condition in the US and connect members to these physicians within hours and days, not weeks and months. Summus members have access, concierge service and the technology to support their every step on their healthcare journey.

Tech Differentiators

Summus combines three elements to bring an innovative new virtual care model to market: 1. A broad engagement model. Our product is built much like Google, where our members can type in simple questions and be connected with a curated specialist within hours. Summus supports access to high quality medical expertise across 90% of health questions that face families, whereas traditional point solutions are narrow and draw low utilization. Our clients see us as a true digital front door to high quality care. 2. A focus in specialty care. While telemedicine is now commoditized, Summus focuses a broad engagement model across specialty care, where 5% of a population drives 50% of claims cost. A broad funnel attracts employees, driving 5-7x the utilization versus traditional virtual care solutions, across health conditions that drive material healthcare costs for our clients. Employers that use Summus typically see a 3:1 ROI and an average of $7,250 in savings per case. 3. A business model that attracts the best in medicine. The future of telehealth is about quality. Summus relentlessly focuses on the physician experience and deploys a business model that attracts the best in medicine. Leading doctors engaging quickly for meaningful interactions with our members drives better, cost efficient outcomes.


Since our inception, Summus has worked with thousands of patients and their families to help them navigate their healthcare experience. For individuals specifically, many of these testimonials range from members seeking care for moderate and chronic illnesses to complex and serious, COVID-19 guidance, and preventive care and wellness. Our average member satisfaction score is 9.5 on a scale of 10, and members have described Summus as the best benefit they’ve used at their company. “I am thrilled to work with Summus to ensure patients have access to the best information, tools, and resources, and to help build the next generation of virtual specialty care.” - Henry S. Friedman, MD, Duke Medical Center Proven Medical Outcomes: 93% - Better understand health concerns 50% - Change approach going forward 55% - Modified diagnosis 33% - Avoided surgery or treatment 52% - Changed treatment path Case Study | Cancer diagnosis and support: breast cancer A 32 year old member diagnosed with breast cancer reached out to Summus to understand her treatment options. Within two days, the member and her family were connected to leading oncologists from Stanford and Memorial Sloan Kettering to discuss treatment options. “The call with Dr. Jhaveri was extremely helpful. She gave very clear and definitive answers to all our questions. Dr. Pegram gave us very thorough answers on the chemo, radio, endocrine therapies, and also how often we should do follow up checks. And we are very happy that his views are in line with our doctors!” We really appreciate this fabulous service, your great help and kind wishes!” - Summus Member

Why Us

Summus believes in the power of great physicians to impact medical outcomes. Our marketplace model has attracted leading doctors across the country to engage our members across all health questions. Our unique model, focused in specialty care, allows our members to access leading medical expertise from anywhere in the world.

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