Improving outcomes for neonatal and pediatric patients.

Rich Mager

Problem Tech Solves

The current process for feeding management in NICUs and PICUs is inefficient, error prone, and the patient (families) are not engaged in the process. Keriton Kare solves all of these challenges within the neonatal and pediatric feeding processes. The difference from the patients' point of view is that the platform includes an app for the mom and patient caregivers to utilized. Kare Mom engages the mom immediately upon admission to the relevant unit and keeps them engaged throughout the patient stay. Kare Mom tracks all breast milk pumped by the mom and allows seamless communication via chat and photo sharing between the hospital staff and patient caregivers. In addition, the in-built lactation features allow for the best possible pumping outcomes for mom, which translates to improved outcomes for the patient.

Tech Brief

Keriton Kare is a digital health SaaS solution which automates the entire process of feeding management for mother's own milk (MoM), donor human milk (DHM), and formula substrates in the neonatal and pediatric patient population. The platform includes a mobile application (iOS or Android) for the mom/caregivers as well as a suite of applications for the entire clinical team (bedside nurses, lactation consultants, milk/formula technicians, unit secretaries, leadership, etc.) which operate on all mobile and desktop modalities. By automating the process with bar coding technology, errors are eliminated, efficiency is increased 2-fold, and data analytics are provided to all parties, including the mother, as part of the overall feeding management workflow.

Tech Differentiators

The Kare Mom application is unique in Keriton's offering and provides the key differentiators in the space. By starting the process at the 'source', Keriton uniquely manages the overall feeding management process. In addition, the Kare Mom app allows the hospital staff and patient caregivers to communicate and be involved throughout the patient stay. Lactation analytics and education are also provided to the mom to assist with the pumping process and enable the best outcomes possible to increase breast milk production.


Keriton has been operating live in hospital units since 2017. In the past 4 years, we have validated all value propositions and hypotheses. Most importantly, Keriton has identified and prevented over 1500 errors in the feeding management process including attempting the wrong feed to the wrong patient, feeding the incorrect feed order, and feeding expired feeds. In addition, Keriton has validated that the feeding process takes 50% less time than with a manual process or other 'automated' systems. Lastly, Keriton has demonstrated material breast milk production increases when using the Kare Mom app, upwards of 40% more per mom.

Why Us

Keriton Kare is transformational in the neonatal and pediatric feeding space. With the proven hypotheses and impact to the care of neonatal and pediatric patients, Keriton is poised for rapid growth in the space.

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