Opentrons makes lab automation solutions for life sciences and diagnostics

Jonathan Brennan-Badal

Problem Tech Solves

Opentrons adopted its cutting edge synthetic genome biofoundry—the largest and most efficient of its kind—to be optimized for molecular diagnostics and be easily adaptable in life science applications. Our complete automation, proprietary efficiencies and novel test development collapses costs, enables broader testing capabilities, and decreases turnaround times. Opentrons created a high quality solution for otherwise cost-prohibitive assays. We have streamlined and vertically integrated our processes to offer high performance automation at an unbeatable price without compromising on quality and delivering the results that our customers demand in their research and tests.

Tech Brief

We are the only diagnostic laboratory with fully integrated testing and sequencing capabilities, thus allowing us to create proprietary efficiencies and novel test development at a fraction of the cost. This also means the Opentrons technology caters to both the life science and research applications market for robotics automation as well the demand for molecular diagnostics laboratories.

Tech Differentiators

Opentrons has a robotic business directly catering to both life science and diagnostic research organizations. Opentrons’ Pandemic Response Lab is its molecular diagnostics arm that serves hospitals, healthcare systems, industry solution providers and organizations that require large scale testing for their employees or customers.



Why Us

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