Healthcare Communications, Orchestrated

Neng Bing Doh

Problem Tech Solves

Many organizations operate in silos, outreaching to members as needed but detached from the member experience. No one entity coordinates the disparate member communications from different departments and vendors. To make matters worse, providers and pharmacies often reach out to the same members, sometimes with overlapping messages. The result is bombardment and confusion at best, abrasion and dissatisfaction at worst. HealthCrowd provides risk-bearing entities and the vendors that support them with the capability to control, coordinate and monitor all communications activity in an ecosystem. For instance, our technology opens channels of communication for the hard to reach Medicaid or Medicare member at the right time for them to take action. Our communications drive measurable healthy actions across the spectrum from attending to preventive screenings to addressing food insecurity and other social determinants of health.

Tech Brief

HealthCrowd’s Unified Communications Platform (UCP) was designed from the ground up to be a holistic, multimodal outreach solution that enables healthcare organizations to orchestrate and manage all digital member/patient communications in one place. This platform’s key features include: a. Harmonized multimodal/multilingual outreach -- With our UCP, every single communication initiated by any campaign may be instantiated with any available language/content and delivered using any modality. Therefore, only HealthCrowd’s UCP can mimic natural, real-life communications using SMS/MMS, IVR, email, Nanosite/web “in-concert”, not separately, to drive member/patient actions. b. Individualized communication streams -- Only HealthCrowd UCP enables individualized interactive communications to large populations autonomously. Because no two members/patients are identical in their gaps-in-care and needs, our platform can optimize communication content, timing, frequency, sequence, and modality mix in a meaningful and insightful way for a highly personalized experience of ‘engagement of one’. c. Communication orchestration policy -- Only HealthCrowd’s UCP provides a comprehensive set of communication orchestration policies that autonomously manages outreach priorities and avoids member bombardments. Campaign priority and communication urgency, frequency and timing can be set at corporate, plan, department and campaign level and monitored/managed centrally. All communication/campaign activities for every single member are also collected and stored in one place for audits/reports and data analytics. d. Built for security and compliance -- HealthCrowd’s UCP is HITRUST CSF certified and is compliant to HIPAA, TCPA, Medicaid and Medicare regulatory requirements.

Tech Differentiators

The secret sauce is HealthCrowd’s Best Next Nudge™ technology which gives our customers the ability to unify, harmonize and optimize individualized communications across their organization and ecosystem. With this technical innovation, HealthCrowd easily deals with scale, complexity and an almost infinite set of use cases.


Keystone First is a Philadelphia-based Medicaid managed care organization serving approximately 10,000 pregnant members annually in southeastern Pennsylvania. Keystone First partnered with HealthCrowd to develop the Keys to Your Care® (KTYC) program, an opt-in maternity engagement program to assist pregnant members with scheduling maternity checkups, providing evidence-based resources for improved self-care, and connecting high-risk members to maternity care management. KTYC Members received texts in English or Spanish up to twice weekly throughout their pregnancies and the first few weeks after their babies are born. Messages included a mixture of educational materials and encouraged members to visit their obstetrician. Members also had the ability to reply to messages with specific keywords that enabled further information to be sent to the member. Results included: The engagement rate with maternity care management services was more than double for K2YC participants. Program participants had a higher rate of deliveries with normal birth weight. Program participants had lower rates of low birth weight and pre-term babies. HEDIS measures for K2YC participants were markedly greater than for non-participants: • 10% increase in the frequency of postpartum care (PPC) • The frequencies of prenatal care (PNC) and ongoing pregnancy care (FPC) were markedly greater (8% and 6% respectively) for the K2YC participants versus the non-participants

Why Us

HealthCrowd is attacking a problem that anyone who has had to deal with the healthcare system can identify with. We are changing the game and shaping the segment to raise the bar on how the industry addresses a myriad of issues from loneliness and aging to social determinants of health.

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