To break down barriers that limit people from getting quality healthcare, empowering them to live happier lives.

Paul Johnson

Problem Tech Solves

Lemonaid Health is providing patients with a convenient and affordable way to access healthcare. Patients can speak with our full-time Clinical team either via secure message, video or phone call 7 days a week. We have a fully operating Pharmacy team that ships out medications free and fast nationwide. Our patients are able to connect with experienced medical providers on their time and pay out of pocket significantly less than they would at their own primary care provider.

Tech Brief

We are an online healthcare company bringing affordable, convenient and accessible healthcare to those in the United States and more recently in London, England. We offer a variety of services including Asthma, Anxiety/Depression, High Blood Pressure, as well as Men's and Women's Sexual Health. Our experience primary care providers are available to our patients 7 days a week via secure message, phone or video. We feel people are crying out for a better healthcare system, and we hope to be part of this disruption.

Tech Differentiators

We have a marketing leading electronic medical record system that allows us to provide a WOW level of care to our patients while enabling us to be flexible and respond to local medical regulations. This enables us to provide safe and convenient care via telephone, messaging and video and change between these modalities as guidance and regulations evolve over time. The technology made us an appealing partner for Walgreens Boots Alliance and was a large factor in leading them to choose Lemonaid as their Online Doctor partner for the UK. This was a competitive process where Lemonaid was chosen over more than 10 other companies that submitted a proposal. Our fully employed, integrated care team (Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Medical coaches and Patient support) allows us to move faster and provide better continuity of care for patients. We also have easy to use Android and iPhone apps in addition to our website. Providing more options for patients helps us to increase the convenience with which they are able to access care.


We have 5,000+ reviews and a 4.9 rating in the app store. We were recently recognized for our great patient care.

Why Us

Lemonaid Health has grown exponentially in the last 7 years, and with our new partnership with Boots UK, we are slotted to scale faster. What makes us unique is our patient-first approach by using leading technology and skilled clinicians.

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