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Lisa Alderson

Problem Tech Solves

Genome Medical is a telehealth medical group providing on-demand access to leading genetic specialists to enable more patients to experience the life-saving benefits of genomic medicine. One example is the case of Laura, the mother of a baby born with an undiagnosed genetic condition, who was told she would have to wait one year to see a pediatric genetic specialist. Through Genome Medical, she was able to talk to a clinical specialist in less than two weeks. She received genetic testing results quickly that not only provided diagnostic answers and tailored medical management guidance for her child, but also helped reduce the uncertainty and emotional turmoil that parents in these situations often face. The medicine, science and technology now exist to utilize genomics for prevention, diagnosis and treatment -- combined with tremendous investment in the molecular genetic testing industry. Yet barely 20% of people who meet national guidelines for genetic testing receive recommended tests and care. Genome Medical is solving the “last-mile” access problem underneath this significant gap in clinical care. There is a persistent shortage of genetic specialists -- the medical experts who know which patients to test, what to test for, and how to interpret results to guide follow-on care. We have pioneered a virtual care delivery model for genetic health services that puts standard-of-care genetic and genomic medicine within reach of every individual who can benefit. We reach them through our partners -- health systems, payors, testing companies and others -- and the flexible, technology-forward solutions we designed to drive efficiency.

Tech Brief

Genome Medical has developed the Genome Care DeliveryTM digital health platform as the foundation of our virtual care services. It features patient and provider tools that help ensure informed, accurate decisions about preventive screening, diagnostic testing and results management to both improve outcomes and increase efficiency. Genome Medical can see 85% of patients faster than in a standard clinic model, and our services are more than twice as efficient as traditional delivery. Patients are guided through all aspects of their genetic health journey: engagement and education; risk assessment; genetic counseling, appropriate test recommendations; test ordering, authorization and logistical support; return of test results; and integration of results into ongoing health management through personalized clinical care plans and access to medical specialists. We offer online, on-demand scheduling; easy-to-use and secure telehealth technology; and integration with trusted lab partners to expedite test ordering and the delivery of results. For providers, Genome Medical offers clinical decision support tools that put our clinical expertise at their fingertips to support the appropriate adoption of genomic medicine. This helps to overcome the challenges of deciding which patients need testing, what test to offer, and the actionability of test results. Our deeply experienced clinical team can also be utilized to evaluate test orders, which reduces errors and waste (more than quarter of genetic test orders from non-genetics providers have been found to need correction).

Tech Differentiators

Genome Medical is unique in that it is a nationwide specialty telehealth medical group focused on genetics and genomics. Simply put, we break down barriers and remedy disparities in access for patients all around the country so they can benefit from both standard-of-care genomics and the latest advancements. We also help providers overcome their own knowledge barriers in understanding how to adopt appropriate genomics care for the benefit of patients. We offer a combination of comprehensive clinical expertise and rapid technological innovation that is unmatched. We are the only virtual medical group delivering end-to-end genomics care. Our specialists -- including medical geneticists, genetic counselors, pharmacists, primary care physicians and other clinicians -- provide virtual genetics care across every major area of clinical care. Even in specialties like pediatric genetics which have a short supply of providers, Genome Medical is able to use virtual care delivery to connect our team with physicians and patients in need of life-changing support. We are a clinical partner that integrates into clinical workflows; collaborates in real time with peers to provide medical guidance; and ensures test results lead to clear and actionable clinical plans. The delivery of genetic health services through Genome Medical is reliably efficient -- we can remove 50%-75% of the cost of traditional services. Our innovative SaaS modules scale rapidly to support day-to-day health care management with genomics. We advance improvements in clinical care through a searchable knowledge base that provides up-to-date guideline-based information on the right next step in clinical care for patients.


Genome Medical brings genomics care to more patients, more quickly through scalable virtual care delivery and efficient technology solutions implemented by our partners. For example, the integrated health system Kaiser Permanente Northwest had amassed a backlog of nearly 1,000 genetics patients over the course of a year. Genome Medical was brought in and our clinical team helped clear the backlog in a matter of three months and dramatically reduce wait times for patients. The number of genetics patient referrals more than tripled. Similarly, at Virtua Health, we were able to rapidly reduce a seven-month wait time to zero and eliminate a 600-patient backlog. Virtua also embraced our model to begin meeting the genetic health needs of patients in previously underserved clinical areas. Our virtual delivery model also allows us to be responsive to new clinical and diagnostic advances in genomic medicine. In mid 2021, Genome Medical became one of the first trained clinical providers of an early detection test for multiple types of cancer. Our nationwide clinical team had the expertise and responsiveness to help hundreds of patients get fast access to this cutting-edge testing. We also improve the quality and reduce the cost of care delivery compared to traditional service delivery models. Genome Medical accelerates the time to appointment for many patients, including 85% of cancer patients and 97% of pediatric patients. Our screening model for large patient populations lowers the cost to identify high-risk patients by 75%. We maintain a 95% CSAT and NPS of 75.

Why Us

Genomic medicine will transform health care for everyone, and virtual care is fundamental to accelerating access by breaking down traditional geographic constraints and transforming inefficient delivery models. Genome Medical offers a unique hybrid of health technology solutions and clinical expertise to make the promise of genomic medicine a reality.

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