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Problem Tech Solves

America’s behavioral health crisis needs no introduction—almost one in five people in the U.S. are living with a mental health condition. COVID-19 has exacerbated already high rates of depression and anxiety and there is a growing unmet need for mental health treatment among youth and adults. In order to bridge this treatment gap, patients need more than an app and doctors need more than a platform for third-party referrals. At Concert, we’ve created an entirely new approach to delivering behavioral health services that is significantly increasing patients’ ability to access treatment across the United States. As the nation’s largest behavioral health medical group, we’re using a proven model that connects behavioral health services directly to primary care and women's health. Our model enables PCPs and OB-GYNs to provide patients with immediate access to Concert’s expert Behavioral Care Managers and Psychiatric Consultants. These specialists work directly with practices to connect with patients within 24 hours via telephone or video, develop behavioral health care plans, and collaborate with providers to review patient progress and make any necessary adjustments. Concert’s services are reimbursed as Collaborative Care, which is covered by Medicare, Medicaid plans in 18 states, and most commercial insurance plans. Our model and partnerships tackle the main issues that impact patient access such as overly narrow provider networks, clinician shortage, appointment delays and high out of pocket costs.

Tech Brief

Concert Health makes tech-enabled integrated behavioral health services possible for provider networks across the country. As the leading behavioral health medical group integrating Collaborative Care, an evidence-based model for treating depression and anxiety, in primary care settings, Concert’s remotely-accessible network is specifically designed to increase access to care. By offering remotely integrated behavioral health support directly within primary care, Concert is scaling services to ensure that patients’ needs are met within hours rather than weeks. Concert helps primary care providers take a population approach to behavioral health, by identifying patients through screening tools, prescription data, and provider referrals. Their modern data platform helps to identify high risk members for direct outreach, and within 24 hours patients can engage with a Concert-licensed Behavioral Care Manager via telephone or video call. Behavioral Care Managers work with patients to set goals, provide counseling, monitor medication and regularly assess symptoms. Working hand in hand with PCPs, Concert clinicians treat patients and build key relapse prevention strategies that are powered by Concert’s technology platform. Each week, Concert’s Psychiatric Consultants review patients who are not getting better and provide treatment recommendations directly in PCP’s medical records. Now a Medicare benefit, the model has been recognized by most commercial health plans and is widely adopted by primary care organizations across the country.

Tech Differentiators

Concert is more than just connected technology and referrals. The difference between Concert and other organizations in the industry is that Concert is employing their own expert clinicians behind their technology to meet patient and provider needs. Unlike other remote models who plug into tech, refer patients to outside specialists and drop off, Concert has their own network of ~130 employed clinicians to virtually connect and treat patients while working hand-in-hand as an extension of primary care. In fact, the vast majority of Concert’s 130+ team are care managers and behavioral health experts. Concert prioritizes hiring experienced clinicians who are committed to continuous patient improvement, providing them with comprehensive clinical training, and reexamining how patient outcomes are tracked. Unlike with traditional low-outcome referral models, PCPs are able to make warm handoffs to Concert’s Behavioral Care Managers who can provide support within 48 hours. This unique approach to Collaborative Care controls costs, delivers demonstrable outcomes for the health care system, and increases patient satisfaction and engagement in primary care settings. Concert is also one of the few medical behavioral health groups bringing behavioral health support to populations that need it the most, such as people with Medicare and Medicaid, and those living in areas with fewer health providers or specialists. A well-equipped clinical team coupled with a strong technology platform enables Concert to scale exceptional, turnkey behavioral health services across the nation like no other, without compromising quality of care.


Concert's team of expert Behavioral Care Managers and Psychiatric Consultants provides patients immediate access to evidence-based behavioral health support through Collaborative Care. Their model has been proven to provide a high level of care for individuals with common mental health conditions and for those at risk for suicide. Collaborative Care has been found to decrease depression symptoms by 50 percent, promote higher medication adherence, and increase satisfaction of care. As a result, over 60% of Concert Health patients have seen their symptoms of depression or anxiety reduced by half within the first 90 days. In the rural communities Concert operates in, where the behavioral health problem is exacerbated by a shortage of licensed providers, many of Concert’s patients were high risk and flagged for suicide risk. By integrating within FQHCs, Concert successfully removed 449 patients from the suicide safer care pathway during treatment. Using a benchmark of a 50% of ten-point improvement in symptoms for depression and anxiety 44% FQHC patients met this benchmark in the first ninety days of care with Concert. Concert continues to receive positive feedback from both patients, providers and managing partners. Many patients state that if it weren’t for Concert—making it much easier and more comfortable to receive treatment—they would have never gotten the care they needed. Providers are eager to refer patients to Concert quickly and say that the integration of behavioral health in the primary care setting is a much-needed service.

Why Us

Concert is leading our nation's behavioral health revolution—giving every American access to high-quality behavioral health services alongside their trusted primary care provider. Their unique approach prioritizes mental and behavioral health at a critical time for our nation and our health system, and is delivering lasting results to patients every day.

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