On a good day, dealing with cancer is complicated. Organize your schedule, needs, & support all in one place.

Adam Pellegrini

Problem Tech Solves

Jasper Health is built on the insight that better-managed cancer care can improve health and quality of life for both patients and their caregivers, preventing needless medical problems and unplanned hospital visits and lowering employer healthcare expenses. It is uniquely positioned to accomplish this in the following ways: (1) It is patient-first with sign-ups from over 8,000 direct-to-consumer members. (2) It focuses on psychosocial support which—while often overlooked—contributes to a large portion of cancer costs. (3) It connects health plans, health systems and employers together in a high-touch and bespoke way. (4) It has a proprietary affiliation model allowing the patient to interact with multiple “health care sponsors” while staying at the center of the experience.

 Jasper is here to help the health system increase a patient or as we say, a "Member's" adherence to treatment plans, improve their overall patient experience, and broaden their access to tools and resources. Jasper can keep patients connected to care between visits, and our online Certified Oncology Social Workers can augment your existing care management team. We also make it easy for patients to share critical information, including medication and behavioral health tracking—all via secure messaging.

Tech Brief

Unlike existing solutions, Jasper's AI-driven engine can help spot concerning symptoms early—allowing for the right intervention, at the right time. Jasper can also connect care between stakeholders to facilitate coordination, data exchange, and the ability for the patient to have all their information synchronized in one location. Jasper Health has over 15 unique personalization, recommendation and insight engines that are all synchronized to drive hyper-personalized "nudges" to contextual "Guide" our Members through the cancer experience. The Triage Dashboard also leverage ML and AI to create a risk stratification clinical data alone couldn't. Jasper engagement and NPS is one of the highest in the industry with over 75% of our Members completing a comprehensive profile upon registration. 50% of our members take action when a, "Nudge" prompts them to do so.

Tech Differentiators

An Integrated Approach to Cancer Care 
 and Maximizing Survivorship When designing a comprehensive, integrated cancer care platform, it’s critical to consider the systemic factors influencing survivorship. The National Cancer Institute’s cancer survivorship care quality framework outlines the core domains influencing health outcomes. These needs include (1) prevention and surveillance for recurrences and new cancers, (2) surveillance and management of physical effects, (3) surveillance and management of psychosocial effects, (4) surveillance and management of chronic medical conditions, and (5) health promotion and disease prevention. 

 Although represented distinctly, each of the domains are interrelated and all are largely influenced by one another. By implementing initiatives across all of the domain levers, key stakeholders—including caregivers, healthcare organizations, and policy stakeholders—can positively influence the widely 9 adopted outcome measurements in cancer survivorship . Jasper Health is the first patient-centric oncology platform that cross cuts the psychosocial elements above with clinical elements needed for care in a way that is truly engaging for the Member and their caregivers.


Yes. Here is the launch story of Jasper Health in USA Today. The reporter did independent interviews to validate our work. https://www.usatoday.com/restricted/?return=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.usatoday.com%2Fstory%2Ftech%2F2021%2F05%2F12%2Fcancer-care-website-managing-chemo-side-effects-caregivers%2F5037814001%2F

Why Us

Jasper Health is changing the lives of Members with cancer and their loved ones everyday. We should win this not for the kudos but to validate our Members who truly believe that Jasper Health is the future of patient-centric oncology care.

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