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Alyson Watson

Problem Tech Solves

Recent research has painted a clear picture of a society in the midst of a mental health crisis, with the CDC reporting 40% of adults are struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse. This past year spotlighted the numerous flaws in the current healthcare system. Unfortunately, the traditional mental health support system is broken, with patients often left deciding between costly therapy or subscriptions to gamified meditation and mindfulness apps and no appropriate level of care inbetween. With a lack of available therapists (over 60% of therapists don't accept insurance), long waiting lists for therapy sessions, and rising costs, patients find it harder and harder to access affordable, quality mental health support at a time when the need for mental health support is accelerating. Modern Health understands the rising patient demand for mental health and places care directly where it's most accessible: as part of the benefits stack offered by employers, alongside traditional medical, dental, and vision care. Modern Health is solving the mental health needs of patients through its comprehensive mental wellness platform that combines clinically validated assessments, self-service wellness kits, and a global network of certified coaches and licensed therapists available, all available in a single app. By leveraging a full spectrum of evidence-based interventions, Modern Health’s technology effectively delivers accessible and affordable care and ensures every employee receives the right level of care required in their preferred modality. Consequently, the Modern Health app also helps to alleviate pressure on therapists rampant in our current healthcare system.

Tech Brief

Modern Health is a comprehensive mental health platform available through iOS and Android mobile application or desktop, offering personalized, preventative care with the right level of support at the moment it's needed. When users log into Modern Health the first time, they are given a short wellbeing assessment – based on the WHO-5, to identify their mental health needs. Based on this assessment and user preferences, they are triaged to the appropriate level and format of care. By triaging individuals to the right level of support, rather than funneling them directly to therapy, Modern Health mitigates the long wait times, high costs, and inaccessible care. Modern Health offers users personalized stress management support, digital programs, an international network of certified coaches, and licensed therapists available in 35 languages to deliver wellness across a broad range of individual needs. Before Modern Health, since the 1930s, mental health care has been traditionally covered by a workplace Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This overall approach is reactive and places the onus on the employee to jump over multiple hurdles to receive care, resulting in low engagement rates, often around 1-3%. Meanwhile, over the past year Modern Health’s clients have seen engagement rates of 30% or more. Further, EAPs do not address the disparity between increased demand for care and a stagnant supply of therapists; currently, only one in ten therapists on EAPs accept new patients. Modern Health is constantly innovating to create new modalities of care to alleviate this pressure on the existing therapy model.

Tech Differentiators

Though the mental healthcare category is growing, existing solutions on the market only cover siloed subsets of the population and their needs. The gaps in care that exist within other players in the mental health space becomes more apparent when accounting for individuals across the entire mental health spectrum, from those in need of clinical care in the “red zone” to those who need support in dealing with sub-clinical issues and everyday stressors in the “yellow” or “green zone.” Modern Health is the only solution that accounts for this full spectrum of need in one cohesive platform, providing an affordable and comprehensive care option for all employees, no matter their need. Some companies in the space focus more on individuals already in the red zone, connecting them to high-cost psychotherapists. Others focus more on individuals in the yellow, giving patients access to a coach or therapist through a chat-based app. And some focus on individuals in the green by providing meditations and mindfulness exercises. Without a comprehensive platform like Modern Health, employers who want to fully cover the diverse mental healthcare needs of their employees would have to take on the costly and labor intensive endeavor of purchasing multiple solutions. In addition to the high costs, other methods drive down user engagement, whereas Modern Health has experienced 10x EAP engagement, 2-3x engagement of point solutions, and 38% average increase on initial well-being score.


A study published in June analyzed data from 1,228 employees who utilized telecoaching through the Modern Health platform between March 11, 2020 and March 11, 2021, and found the platform had positive effects on mental health and workplace outcomes. The study also found telecoaching may have similar effectiveness as face-to-face coaching, representing a vital and cost saving option for achieving optimal outcomes in people who need mental health services. HubSpot, a leading customer relationship management platform, rolled out Modern Health in January 2021 to 4,500+ employees and has seen a 30% utilization rate. Of employees using the platform, 44% have engaged in one-to-one care with a coach or therapist and 50% have utilized Modern Health’s suite of evidence-based digital programs. One employee, Jessica King, shared her own mental health journey on LinkedIn: “I haven’t been doing too well personally lately. I’m emotionally exhausted, physically aching, and mentally feeling like I’m on a bit of an unsteady cliff. While I’m proud of my work ethic and can-do attitude, I’ve realized the more I’ve flexed my empathy muscle for others, the less I’ve flexed it for myself. I’ve essentially been drinking from an empty cup. HubSpot has graciously invested in Modern Health benefits for their employees and I have committed to taking advantage of them. Last week I attended my first coaching session, yesterday I participated in my first ‘Circles’ workshop, and I’ve been paired up with a therapist that I plan on meeting with over the next week.”

Why Us

Working directly with employers, Modern Health destigmatizes and removes barriers, delivering personalized care to employees in the same way they expect their medical, dental, and vision. Doubling since March 2020 and supporting 250+ enterprises globally, Modern Health has made mental healthcare more accessible, affordable, and engaging than ever before.

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