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Dr Charit Bhograj

Problem Tech Solves

Over 17.9 million people die every year because of cardiovascular disease (CVD), the leading contributor to deaths globally. Most of these lives can be saved just by ensuring an accurate and timely diagnosis of the condition. Critical conditions like heart attacks need to be treated within the golden hour to ensure the best outcomes. An Electrocardiogram (EKG) is an affordable and easy-to-administer diagnostic test to detect such cardiac conditions, but suffers from a large drawback - it is difficult to read and often requires the skills of a trained specialist (cardiologist), resulting in either delayed or incorrect diagnosis. Tricog has developed a cloud-based virtual diagnostic service, called InstaECG, which provides AI-enabled, human over-read EKG interpretations within 10 mins. A service that is working at scale 24x7x365 and coupled with care-coordination software enables not just timely diagnosis but timely intervention by bringing together various caregivers like Cardiologists, Primary Care Physicians, Paramedics and the Emergency department physicians, to collaborate.

Tech Brief

The Tricog InstaECG solution is designed to help remote medical establishments screen patients for cardiac abnormalities and provide a continuum of care from first point of contact to the tertiary healthcare facility for treatment. The solution consists of 3 parts, Tricog Communicator: This seamlessly connects to off-the-shelf EKG machines and uploads EKGs to the Tricog cloud while providing timely feedback, if needed, to the remote technicians/nurses administering the tests. AI-aided Human Verified Interpretations: Within seconds of acquisition, cloud-based proprietary algorithms do the preliminary interpretation, mark out suspicious sections of the EKGs and prioritize them based on criticality. This queue of EKGs are then reviewed by the in-house medical team and the human over-readd interpretation reports are generated - typically via a 1-click workflow. The Tricog interpretations are transmitted securely via email/App to the remote clinicians, and, if necessary, alarms are triggered. Care Coordination App: In the case of patients requiring further care, the various stakeholders including primary care physicians, paramedics, hospital staff and cardiologists are activated and coordinate the care of the patients through custom workflows on the Care Coordination App. By judiciously combining proprietary technology with pre-existing healthcare infrastructure in the ecosystem, Tricog has successfully helped with over 6 million patient journeys till date.

Tech Differentiators

Tricog’s InstaECG is the only comprehensive Human+AI-based interpretation and care coordination solution for 12-lead EKGs that has been deployed at scale in multiple countries and a wide variety of medical establishments. The robustness, configurability and scalability of the solution is evidenced by the fact that it has been deployed with over 21000 caregivers across various provider settings in 12 countries.


Tricog’s solution backed by Tricog’s promise has been trusted by over 12000 healthcare providers across 12 countries. Over 6 million patients have been screened with Tricog’s solution enabling healthcare providers to detect over 200,000 critical patients and 75000 heart attacks. The state of Goa adopted Tricog’s solution in order to drive the objectives of Ayushman Bharat, the flagship healthcare initiative of the Government of India. Tricog’s solution enabled reduction in mortality in the state of Goa by reducing time to EKG diagnosis to within 15 mins as well as enabling care providers at primary care clinics to better coordinate with specialists at tertiary care hospitals. Here’s the link for more details . Health Minister of Goa Mr Vishwajit Rane, posted a video of the solution including testimonials of the Health Minister, Cardiologist, Physician and Patient. Here’s the link for more details In the private sector, AstraZeneca deployed the solution to 32 primary and 7 tertiary healthcare providers. With Tricog’s solution, care providers were able to reduce the diagnosis time to less than 5 mins, enable faster preparedness to treat heart attack patients by equipping primary care clinics and tertiary care centres with care coordination application. Here is the link for more details Tricog published a whitepaper illustrating the close agreement of the algorithm results with independent physicians.

Why Us

InstaECG has established its value by helping millions of patients from various settings in the developing world. This recognition from UCSF will be the perfect launchpad for Tricog to bring its innovative solutions to the US market and help solve ecosystem gaps and improve outcomes while controlling costs.

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