Verana Health is a healthcare technology and analytics innovator transforming multi-specialty clinical data into real-world evidence (RWE).

Sujay Jadhav

Problem Tech Solves

Verana Health accelerates medical research by empowering the healthcare community with data insights. Our team of technologists and healthcare enthusiasts are committed to bringing the best treatments and care possible to patients by learning from the experience of all patients. Verana Health acts as a linchpin in the healthcare data ecosystem, making data meaningful and actionable to empower physicians and accelerate research for patients. By curating and applying advanced analytics to real-world clinical data, Verana Health helps life sciences partners enhance evidence generation, reinvent medical research, and drive innovations in specific disease areas.

Tech Brief

Verana Health has the unique ability to generate insights from some of the largest and most comprehensive EHR-based specialty databases in medicine through our partnerships with medical associations. Structured fields in EHRs hold information that adheres consistently to a specific format, including ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes, CPT codes, and an array of medication codes (SNOMED, NDC, etc). However, these data alone fail to capture the entire clinical narrative. Approximately 80% of clinical data in electronic health records is found in unstructured physician notes, including data needed to generate insights on clinical outcomes and determine longitudinal trends in patient care. Since unstructured notes are free text, robust processing capabilities are required to extract and curate the information contained in raw text in a way that is structured, standardized, and reliable. Verana has developed proprietary algorithms to clean and model data specifically from unstructured notes to derive insights. These algorithms allow Verana to extract, process, or tag phrasing while taking note context into account. As we derive insights from this data, Verana ensures all data has been de-identified in compliance with HIPAA and in-line with Verana’s commitment to patient security and privacy. Verana is able to extract clinical insights from raw EHR data found in the comprehensive clinical data registries. By using data processing techniques to characterize and model text, Verana can unlock information from unstructured notes to derive insights necessary for clinical care and research that were not previously available.

Tech Differentiators

Verana Health accelerates and delivers a breadth of RWE data insights to power healthcare with expertise, quality and data integrity. Verana offers the only end-to-end, clinician-integrated RWE technology that brings elevated data and analysis integrity, from raw source data to final research outcomes. Verana’s technology platform is exclusively entrusted by healthcare providers and specialty societies to manage their unfiltered point of care data for a unique vantage across therapeutic areas. The platform’s scalable AI harmonizes data in sync with healthcare providers’ raw source clinical context, yielding the purest inputs for any research purpose. Verana takes the science-first approach of a healthcare provider and embeds clinicians into the process to inform analysis, derive rich meaning and reduce unintended bias. This results in the purest inputs for any research purpose.


Please visit: to learn more about how Verana extends interoperability in ophthalmology through Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR).

Why Us

Verana’s platform is the only end-to-end clinician integrated technology that elevates the integrity of RWE data and analysis from raw source data to final research outcomes. Verana is entrusted by healthcare providers to provide pure, true RWE insights that can be easily accessed, understood and applied for any research purpose.

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