Changing Lives for Good®

Christopher Michalak

Problem Tech Solves

Organizations across the globe are grappling with climbing rates of costly, lifestyle-related chronic disease, an emerging mental health crisis, growing concerns over employee burnout and disengagement, heightened financial stress, and poor sleep habits culminating in rising healthcare costs—both direct and indirect. In the wake of COVID-19, employee wellbeing has established itself as an essential business strategy. Available globally and in 21 different languages, Virgin Pulse's connected digital health platform is paired with wearable activity trackers to transform the health and wellbeing of organizations and their people by empowering, inspiring, and engaging them to make small, achievable changes in their daily routines. We do this by weaving relevant, trusted interventions into our members’ established routines that translate to meaningful change and measurable outcomes. Health is personal. Each member of every organization has unique healthcare needs, wellbeing goals and motivational styles. Our Homebase for Health® unlocks the value of each client’s health investments – integrating wellbeing, condition management, benefits navigation, partner programs, and point solutions into a smart, open, flexible and “better together” ecosystem and delivering a unified, highly personal, empowering and change-enabling experience for employees and users. We connect people to their wellbeing by infusing behavior-based science and advanced personalization in one experience, custom to each individual. Virgin Pulse is reimagining, simplifying, and unifying all aspects of health and wellbeing for employers, health plans, distributors, and their people. By providing critical health and wellbeing resources in one integrated platform, we’re engaging members and delighting our customers.

Tech Brief

Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health® leverages AI to continuously learn and adapt to each individual’s needs and preferences, thus eliminating uncertainty to make it easier for people to understand and take action towards their personal goals. Woven into the fabric of our Homebase for Health ecosystem is our daily engagement platform, digital health tools and resources, live services, digital therapeutics, benefits navigation, care guidance, condition management, team-building challenges, return to workplace solutions, and integrated partner features to address the broad range of wellbeing needs the global workforce is facing today. A typical journey through our Homebase for Health® includes: • Assessment methods for intake, improved awareness, and health literacy • Rich data integration from health assessments, biometrics, claims, and user behavior • Personalized recommendations driven by millions of data points through our AI engine • Meaningful daily interactions and platform content to cue real-life actions and support habit building • Gamification and in-platform social tools to reinforce healthy habits and create accountability and drive momentum • In-context interventions such as on-demand one-on-one health coaching, live services and guides, next step consults, and digital therapeutics for prediabetes and weight management As members progress through their personal health journey through the Virgin Pulse platform, they begin to understand the value of whole-person wellbeing and establish new healthy habits that drive positive lifestyle changes and health outcomes.

Tech Differentiators

With almost two decades of experience, Virgin Pulse is leading the future of wellbeing innovation. We've helped enterprises, governments, academic institutions, & health plans transform the health & wellbeing of their people by unifying & simplifying each individual’s unique wellbeing journey by incorporating condition & benefit support into members’ daily routines, one small change at a time. We use predictive analytics, AI, personalization, gamification, & social connectivity to create experiences & continuously learn & evolve with their ever-changing needs. We deliver outcomes, not just software. We impact claims costs & deliver health, wellbeing, & culture outcomes through the depth & breadth of our solution. Clients value our platform’s flexibility & ability to grow with them. Throughout 2020, we launched five features within Homebase for Health® to support the growing health & wellbeing needs of workforces: • VP Passport – return-to-workplace health & safety screening tool • VP GO – turnkey global wellbeing solution designed to strengthen teams & improve wellbeing • VP Transform for Prediabetes – high-touch, low-cost digital therapeutic solution tailored for those at risk of type 2 diabetes • VP Transform for Weight Management – digital therapeutic solution tailored to help overweight & obese adults improve health & avoid complications & costs associated with obesity-related health issues • VP+ – integrated partner bundle at considerable savings to create a truly connected experience With evidence-backed solutions & the most flexible software on the market, Virgin Pulse is Changing Lives for Good®. Organizations that follow best practice program designs see an average annual healthcare cost savings of $1,029 per member & 81% of members report positive lifestyle change, leading to a 98% annual client retention rate.


In a 2020 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Virgin Pulse, Forrester Research’s Total Economic Impact report reveals how companies in manufacturing, government contracting, software, and healthcare addressed their unique challenges with Virgin Pulse's total health engagement platform — collectively saving over $30 million in just three years with an ROI of 162%. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), like many organizations, experienced incredible levels of stress and anxiety in 2020 due to the pandemic and social unrest throughout the country. With these challenges at the forefront of their day-to-day routine, CHOP knew they needed to do something to support the mental health of their employees. Together, with Virgin Pulse, they created a number of mental health offerings, relevant for employees of all levels, which in turn “skyrocketed” utilization of benefits within Virgin Pulse. View the case study here. “Last February I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I wanted to get healthy for my wife and 5 children and began using the Próspera Global Wellness Program tracking daily. When I went back to my doctor the following May, he was so shocked he had the wrong bloodwork! I was down 40 lbs. and had reversed my type 2 diabetes along with other incredible health improvements. The numbers on my blood panel even astounded me. My blood sugar improved by 58%, my cholesterol improved by 37% and my A1C (which indicates pre-diabetes) improved 31%. These results gave me my peace of mind back.” - Anonymous Member, Corteva Agriscience

Why Us

Virgin Pulse is the global leader in wellbeing SaaS solutions, driving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. The industry’s only true Homebase for Health®, Virgin Pulse supports members across the health, wellbeing, and benefits lifecycle—including screening, assessment, behavior change, benefits navigation, condition management, gaps in care closure, and digital therapeutics.

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