Engaging patients in their own care

Anjali Kataria

Problem Tech Solves

Consumer/Patients struggle today to find, understand and apply trusted healthcare information to their own conditions to achieve better outcomes. Patients often forget 80% of what they heard in their doctor's office, soon after they leave their visit. Diverse patients and those who are sickest, with complex conditions are most impacted. The pandemic further exacerbated the challenges of educating patients by shining a light on the misinformation problem, and our failure to address health equity issues. Furthermore, while providers had been the safety net, holding our fragmented healthcare system together, now they are overworked from relentless COVID cases. Patients aren't easily able to get elective or primary care visits in a timely manner. Educating and engaging consumer/patients in their own care more deeply so they can live healthier, happier lives has never been a bigger problem. Education is the common currency of our future healthcare system as "home" is quickly becoming the epicenter of care. The lack of modern education/engagement solutions impacts every medical condition, patient/consumer and our ability to prevent disease and extend life. Mytonomy has a powerful, easy-to-use, video-based patient engagement and integrated communication platform. We deeply engage consumer/patients in their own care, helping to prevent disease progression and promote recovery. Mytonomy helps consumer/patients keep serious diseases at bay and recover faster, through the power of streaming highly engaging short-form content with interactive communication. Patients receive a tailored experience they can access 24/7, on any device, anywhere in the world. Mytonomy gives Consumer/ Patients a deep sense of ownership in the process of improving their health, driving greater self-efficacy.

Tech Brief

Mytonomy helps consumer/patients prevent disease and achieve wellness through Mytonomy’s Cloud for Healthcare, a unique video-based engagement platform combined with a dedicated film studio and COTS library of high quality microlearning content. curated to each provider/system and tailored to each patient. across the entire patient journey providing actionable data, new insights and novel trends. Mytonomy is helping to transform healthcare into a more digital world, by streaming on-demand, microlearning video instructions integrated with intelligent patient nudging so that patients can lead healthier, happier lives.

Tech Differentiators

Our platform offers more functionality and a modern scalable approach to supporting all conditions, all patients, all ages and all stages of disease progression, in step function improvement from all legacy solutions. We have the largest collection of award-winning broadcast-quality, microlearning video content on the market; and were named #835 on the 2021 Inc, 5000 list of fastest growing companies. from 2018-2020. We recently raised $25M in Series B funding and our experienced team is deep in healthcare, enterprise software, and consumer tech coming from Google, Oracle, Informatica, Press Gainey and Optum. We are easily embedded in multiple points across the patient journey and provide the only single platform, single data model across the entire patient / consumer journey supporting both EMR and CRM.


We have 10+ validated studies proving benefits and outcomes. We have helped healthcare systems achieve 89% patient engagement rate in cardiovascular patients; significant increases in HCAHPS; increased self-efficacy in new diabetes/insulin starts, decreases in blood pressure, reduction in staff time, reduced no show rates, reduced patient anxiety and improved patient satisfaction. All of these results are because patients engaged with Mytonomy’s platform and content, when they needed it the most.

Why Us

We have reimagined a winning solution to an age-old problem and are best in class.

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