Brightline brings exceptional behavioral health care to kids, teens, and their families, when and where they need it

Naomi Allen

Problem Tech Solves

Brightline is the first behavioral health solution designed specifically to support children, teens, and their families with whatever tough stuff they’re dealing with — from everyday challenges to common childhood behavioral and mental health conditions. With cutting-edge technology, support for the whole family, evidence-based care delivery, and a warm, supportive member experience, Brightline is transforming the care experience for families as we know it.

Tech Brief

Brightline’s solution delivers quality pediatric behavioral health care when and where families need it. Since 70% of U.S. counties have no child psychiatrists at all, virtual care is essential to unlock access to resources for families that don’t live within driving distance of clinicians. Many families also prefer the convenience of virtual care, which provides results as effective as in-person care while allowing parents, caregivers, and children to access care at their convenience. With Brightline, families can access support for a range of needs with our digital platform that includes resources and education for parents, interactive treatment exercises, and more; 1:1 coaching to support kids, teens, and parents with skill-building and guidance for dealing with tough stuff; behavior therapy, medication support, and speech therapy for a range of behavioral and developmental health needs.

Tech Differentiators

Brightline is using technology to define a new category of pediatric behavioral care that is more accessible, streamlined, and effective than existing care delivery models. Our differentiators include: 1. Multiple levels of virtual care to allow for early intervention and step-down maintenance: Brightline offers three levels of tech-enabled care — self-guided lessons via an online platform alongside asynchronous chat with behavioral health coaches, short-term 1:1 coaching for lower-acuity concerns, and clinical care for families in need of behavioral therapy, medication support, or speech therapy — to allow each family to get the right level of support. 2. Technology that enables broader access to quality pediatric behavioral health care: Brightline’s virtual model allows access to care for all American families — including those living in the 70% of U.S. counties with no child psychiatrists. 3. Dyadic care model that engages parents and caregivers: Brightline includes parents and caregivers in its virtual care model, as pediatric behavioral health care is proven to be three times more effective when parents and caregivers are involved with their children. 4. ​​Multidisciplinary care teams specializing in pediatric behavioral health. Among children with behavioral health needs, comorbidities are common. Brightline provides multidisciplinary care teams whose members coordinate with each other using technology to provide a unified treatment plan. 5. Clinical validation and progress: Brightline uses technology to provide validated clinical outcomes so families and health plans can easily understand how care is progressing.


Brightline’s ongoing assessment of its solutions shows users experience significant clinical improvement from behavioral health concerns. For example, a recent assessment of 10 families who completed Brightline’s 12-session parent behavior training for their children’s disruptive behavior disorder found: * 100% of study participants showed reliable clinical improvement from disruptive behavior disorder, based on the Clinical Global Improvement (CGI-I) scale. * 80% of caregivers reported their children’s disruptive behavior improved significantly, based on the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS), developed by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Why Us

We are in the midst of a pediatric behavioral health crisis because the traditional health care system doesn’t deliver accessible, affordable and quality care to children and teens. Brightline provides a technologically-advanced, evidence-based care solution for the whole family, making quality care possible for all kids across the U.S.

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