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Dr Ramanan Laxminarayan

Problem Tech Solves

Countries worldwide are faced with the challenges of quality healthcare services leading to inaccurate diagnosis and inappropriate or unnecessary treatment. According to WHO, healthcare workers in low- and middle-income African countries were only able to make an accurate diagnosis one third to three-quarters of the time. Research in eight high-mortality countries in the Caribbean and Africa suggests that quality maternal and child health services are far less prevalent. Just 28 percent of antenatal care and 21 percent of sick-child care across these countries can be termed as effective. HealthCube aims to address these challenges of diagnostics demand and supply. HealthCube provides an easy-to-operate and cost-effective diagnostics solution that can give instant results. The HealthCube solution includes a compact device operated on power bank which makes it convenient to provide a point of care testing in remote locations with erratic power supply. By making diagnostics more affordable and accessible, HealthCube can greatly reduce the burden on traditional healthcare facilities and institutions. For example, a pregnant woman in a remote village of India need not travel for 4-5 hours to get a regular health check-up done at the nearest clinic/hospital. The HealthCube device operating in a booth in the village can provide essential checks and raise flags if necessary, which would require advanced care.

Tech Brief

HealthCube is a point of care, portable diagnosis system that can be used by anyone with minimal training. HealthCube uses sophisticated technology that can provide results in 3 to 15 minutes for 33+ tests across various parameters like vitals, biochemistry, infectious diseases, cardiac markers, etc. The results are saved electronically on the cloud with the help of an Android-based application and accessed easily on mobile phones and laptops. Amidst the recent coronavirus pandemic, HealthCube has also added COVID-19 Risk Management to its portfolio. A risk score is generated based on symptoms screening, medical & exposure history and antibody testing. This helps in prioritizing patients who require immediate care. The system is a combination of smart diagnostics and artificial intelligence to facilitate the rapid screening of patients. Data collected through HealthCube can be analyzed on parameters which are easily customizable. The various report dashboards also make it convenient to track trends in patient acquisition, and disease occurrences. HealthCube is clinically tested and CE certified. It can be used in the absence of electricity or internet, so is very well suited for remote, far-flung locations which lack access to quality healthcare services, doctors and diagnostic labs. HealthCube can improve teleconsultation experience with integrated diagnostics and EHR.

Tech Differentiators

HealthCube offers an array of distinctive features that are well suited to cater to remote and inaccessible locations. The HealthCube ecosystem is thoughtfully aggregated that can perform ECG, check for Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Glucose, Hemoglobin, etc. and also test for various infectious diseases… all on a single platform! HealthCube works on a power bank, ideally suited for health camps, door-to-door screening, and rural or tribal areas with limited or no electricity. Also, patient records can be created and health reports are generated instantly without the need of internet. HealthCube has its own EHR system - EzDx, eliminating the need for separate software for report sharing & data access. HealthCube can be used by anyone with minimal training. It is extremely easy to screen patients on HealthCube platform, with the aid of step by step visual instructions. The blood tests are performed by simply pricking the finger, with a small blood sample. The diagnostic device weighs less than 5 pounds and is so compact that it can be easily carried in a backpack. HealthCube is an ideal remote diagnostic tool which is easily scaled to integrate additional tests to the portfolio. Our future road map includes a digital stethoscope, testing for drug abuse, cancer markers, etc.


One of the most successful implementations of HealthCube was in Mohalla Clinics in 2015. The Mohalla Clinics were established in Delhi as an initiative by the Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. The clinics were aimed at providing cost effective and quality healthcare services. A notable case was of Rupandeep Kaur, 20 weeks pregnant, who arrived at a Mohalla clinic looking fatigued and ready to collapse. A series of blood and urine tests done through HealthCube, revealed that her fetus was healthy but she had dangerously low hemoglobin and blood pressure levels. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. All the tests were completed in a span of 15 minutes at the Peeragarhi Relief Camp in New Delhi, India. Since HealthCube allows for a completely automated process with no manual intervention, the medical records were generated seamlessly which were then shared with the hospital. Rupandeep underwent treatment at the hospital for mineral and protein deficiencies and was discharged the same day. Had she not received timely treatment, she may have had a miscarriage or lost her life. HealthCube was instrumental in speeding up the diagnosis process and drawing necessary intervention. HealthCube is clinically validated. Validation reports are attached.

Why Us

HealthCube is a state-of-the-art, portable, point of care testing device (33+ tests), with an EHR system. It can be easily used by anyone, anywhere with minimal training in the absence of electricity or internet. HealthCube’s vision is to bring quality & affordable telediagnosis services within reach of masses in remote areas.

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