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Dr. Joshua Reischer, M.D.

Problem Tech Solves

Healthcare systems inefficiently collect data from patients before visits, if at all. Existing solutions are outdated, cumbersome to use, and typically gather only basic “front desk” information and have a pre-visit compliance rate of less than 10%. Physicians spend 30%+ of their time collecting, organizing, and documenting patient data for 1 billion+ outpatient visits yearly. Patients spend $694B on physician and clinical services. These visits create vast amounts of data, and providers are overwhelmed, resulting in multiple unintended downstream effects including impersonal & expensive care, misdiagnosis, inaccurate billing/coding, and cumbersome care navigation, ultimately leading to patient frustration and physician burnout. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the burning need to decrease unnecessary staff overhead and optimize clinical workflow efficiency. EMR and documentation tasks are leading causes of physician burnout. Entering information in an EMR includes cycling through multiple tabs, checking over 100 checkboxes, dropdowns, and fill-in-the-blank fields, completed by various members of a care team for a single patient each visit. Physicians spend twice as much time on their computers as they do with patients. This computer time leads to exhaustion, depersonalization, and a sense of personal ineffectiveness. Health Note collects, organizes, and documents patient data PRIOR to a “visit,” whether in person or via telemedicine. Our platform auto documents medical notes to help providers more accurately and efficiently assess and see patients both in-person and remotely because they now have the right data when and where it’s needed (in the EMR).

Tech Brief

Solution: 1-min video overview: Health Note focuses on collecting CLINICAL data using algorithms (medical guidance + custom hospital/clinic guidelines) and asks all of the questions a provider (physician, NP, PA) would ask during a visit but asks these questions while a patient is still at home. We take this information and auto-create a usable physician’s note, which is 80%+ complete before a patient even arrives. We have an 80%+ pre-visit compliance rate. We capture the other 20% via iPad in the office. We help patients better prepare for what a physician will ask, ultimately assisting providers to save 50%+ of the time it would take to question and document information collected from patients while helping improve documentation and diagnostic accuracy. How Health Note works: Workflow begins when a patient schedules a visit. Health Note sends an individualized SMS or e-mail link based on appointment triggers. The link opens our platform (no downloads or sign-ins needed as we verify data with EMR) on a patient's phone/computer/tablet. We ask all of the questions a physician would ask, whether for a new or follow-up visit, including medical specialty-specific questions. In real-time, physician notes are auto-generated. Health Note inserts these notes into discrete data fields into the physician’s EMRs using APIs, HL-7, FHIR, or CCDA (depending on EMR and health system). When physicians open a patient's chart, they find that 80%+ of the charting is complete. Healthcare providers can confirm information rather than inefficiently gathering, organizing, and documenting patient data during a consultation.

Tech Differentiators

Health Note uniquely approaches the problem of making doctor visits efficient and effective from the data capture side. Our platform helps providers “connect the dots” before patient visits, advising, and enabling better patient care. This “pre-visit planning” has enabled a reduction in check-in staff by 40%, reduce provider data collection and documentation time by 50%+. Our providers see revenue generation as they can safely engage with more patients per day and with better accuracy, providing higher quality care, despite needing less staff. Example: Imagine that during an in-person/telemedicine visit, a patient complains of having a rash, fever, and body aches. The provider will spend the first 10+ minutes of the visit asking multiple follow up questions, trying to determine the underlying cause, such as the flu, lupus, cancer, or even COVID-19. If the provider were using Health Note, all of these questions would be asked pre-visit. The provider would have known at the beginning of the visit that this fever started several days ago, the rash is improving, but the body aches are getting worse. They also would have learned that this patient recently traveled and went hiking in Connecticut about one month ago, due to Health Note’s smart patient question algorithms. With Health Note, the provider can “connect the dots” immediately at the beginning of the visit and determine that the underlying cause is Lyme disease, and spends most of the visit focusing on the treatment plan with the patient.


Please see one of the EMR marketplace websites for unfiltered reviews: We started with 1 clinic in 2018. We have since grown to 100+ clinic locations. With our more significant partners, we started with 1 clinic and quickly grew to serve multiple locations because of the immediate value they received. The majority of existing customers were from referrals to other groups they knew (NPS score >9 from surveys and reality as they tell their “friends”). Real examples of typical feedback: Physician: “I’ve been waiting for my whole career for something like this to come out. How fast can we start? Also, can I invest?” Admin: “You’ve literally given me back 8 hours in my week.” Patient: “That was pretty easy. Sort of like TSA-precheck for the doctor's office.” Please see attached ROI worksheet for real-world data of an orthopedic group that we recently signed up for a 3-year, ~$450,000 contract. For their 12 offices, we are tackling an $8M/year problem and our solution impact is $3M in savings for them.

Why Us

Our team’s clinical and technical background gave us deep insights into the problems we solve. Our customers love us and help us grow quickly, because of the immediate ROI they observe. Our pre-visit clinical focus and deep integration enable Health Note to deliver unique clinical value among patient/provider platforms.

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