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Lindsay Jurist-Rosner

Problem Tech Solves

Wellthy has set out to help the 66 million Americans who take care of aging, chronically ill, or disabled loved ones. Managing care for a loved one can impact all aspects of a caregiver’s life--their health and wellbeing, finances, stress, marriage, career advancement, daily productivity, and more. Despite the prevalence, there is little support or infrastructure to help. For companies, caregiving costs $38 billion per year due to lost productivity, missed work, family leave, retention issues, and discrimination cases. Employers fighting for talent in the current labor market have discovered the devastating impact of caregiving on the workforce — particularly for women and people of color — and that better care support is needed to attract and retain employees. At Wellthy, we know how hard it is to balance caregiving and career. Our mission is to ease the logistical and administrative burden of caregiving, and allow families to spend more and better quality time together. And we are expressly designed by family caregivers and built for family caregivers. We partner with employers to deliver an affordable, scalable and compassionate solution that is changing the way families experience care. By tackling the logistical and administrative tasks of care, Wellthy helps companies increase productivity, improve retention, and reduce time away, all while providing employees with the dedicated support they need to care for the ones they love, including themselves.

Tech Brief

Wellthy is a caregiving concierge for families with chronic, complex, and ongoing care needs. We support across the full spectrum of care including: aging, childcare, special needs, chronic conditions, veteran support, mental health, intersectional needs and more. With an extensive team of care professionals and a robust technology platform, Wellthy provides dedicated care coordination for family caregivers. Our solution is a tech-enabled caregiving service with a human touch. We've built an online platform which comprises predictive support pathways upon signup, a smart onboarding process that instantly matches families with the best-fit expert, a suite of care planning tools and resources, messaging and communication frameworks, and much more. On the human-side, we connect each family with a dedicated Care Coordinator who will work to understand their situation, set up a custom care plan, and start to get things done on the family's behalf. We can help with tasks like researching and vetting medical providers and facilities, finding nannies and babysitters, navigating alternative treatment options, sourcing aides and therapists for children with special needs and disabilities, and helping with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Veterans’ benefits.

Tech Differentiators

Wellthy was the first of its kind to start working with employers in 2016, and at that time, we were defining a new caregiving category. We are pleased to see other companies come into the space, which points to a large and untapped market and need. We feel strongly (and of course, we are definitely biased!) that Wellthy is best-in-class in the caregiving space. Here’s how we’re different: We’re Doers - We aren’t just resource providers; we help families set up a plan and get things done on their behalf Experience & Scalability - Largest client base with over 700k covered lives and proven ability to scale Market-Leading Technology - Proprietary technology with a vast range of tools, content and resources Compliance & Security - HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 Type II certified, assessing GDPR compliance, secure and encrypted platform Data - Advanced reporting and valuable insights into Wellthy’s impact and the unique needs of caregivers Client Base - Trusted by 18 Fortune 500 clients and preferred partner to Prudential, Medica, Fidelity & Voya Culture - Female & caregiver-led organization with a sophisticated, high-quality, family-first delivery model International - Able to support employees in U.K. and Canada with plans to extend our coverage even further Agility - Wellthy has in-house product and engineering teams, and we're constantly exploring new ways to offer innovative solutions and resources to families.


Wellthy has been able to partner with companies of all shapes and sizes to help bring relief to caregiving employees and positively impact retention, productivity, and absenteeism. Our outcomes reinforce the business case for supporting caregivers: In 2020, Wellthy achieved an NPS® score of 84, on a scale of -100 to 1001. This score is world-class compared to averages across all industries, including healthcare (27) and SaaS companies (30)2. According to NPS surveys, 90% say Wellthy allowed them to be better engaged/less stressed at work, 2 in 3 say Wellthy’s support made them miss fewer meetings/work days, and 1 in 3 say Wellthy helped prevent them from taking a leave of absence or resigning. Moreover, Wellthy helps families save time: 44% said up to 10 hours, 38% said 11-40 hours, and 17% said over 40 hours. Here’s a great write up by a journalist from HR Executive who was in attendance at a recent case study we presented with our partners at Facebook: ​​

Why Us

Supporting caregivers has become critical to retaining talent and maintaining DEI efforts. As the premier caregiving solution and market-leader, Wellthy has pivoted quickly to address caregiving needs such as COVID support and childcare. Employers have looked to Wellthy to not only support, but to solve their biggest change management challenges.

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