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Our time-tested matching algorithms and a dedicated member of the UCSF Health Hub team will work hand-in-hand to find you your ideal advisor, investor, or mentor.


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Make sure it stands out, by including relevant details like:

- An overview of your technology and why it is important
- The impact your solution can make
- Your current challenge for which you need an advisor
- Your ideal advisor profile
- Your goals with this connection

NOTE: Briefs are shortlisted based on the company profile, level of innovation, records of past successes, scope of the problem, impact when solved, and the sense of urgency. Briefs submitted by companies associated with our innovation partners get priority. Briefs not shortlisted for a match will be removed after 3 months.


Before the Match:

Identifies the most important briefs that require immediate attention, based on the technology, problem, and potential impact.

During the Match:

For companies
: Finds the best advisors within two weeks.  
For Advisors: Makes sure the project and company interests you before matching you.

After the Match:

Ensures success, by reviewing the match periodically to check progress, and organizing a rematch if the connection is not working out.


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UCSF Health Hub also facilitates introductions for internal and external companies with budget to work with UCSF