Apply to UCSF|Health Hub connect as a company

Companies:100% Help. 0% Equity.

We are a donor-funded non-profit, here to serve. We do not take any equity.

We understand that the start-up journey is a long one. UCSF Health Hub's focus is to help you achieve your next milestone through a step-by-step approach.

Here's how.

1. Sign up for UCSF Health Hub Connect and create a profile

2. Complete a brief
– Create a compelling profile and a standout brief, with a sense of urgency. Potential advisors will have the opportunity to view this brief ahead of a connection, so this is your opportunity to share your story and how you are disrupting healthcare.

3. The matching process -
Once your brief is completed and reviewed our matching platform programmatically creates a set of possible 'matches', that your Personal Navigator uses to identify the 'best' match, within two weeks, guaranteed. The Personal Navigator also ensures the success of each match by reaching out to your prospective advisor to confirm their interest, before connecting you.

4. Get matched - You will be informed by email once a match is identified.

5. Graduate to the 'next' milestone. We call it moving up the innovation pyramid.

6. Repeat.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs